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This trip could not have come at a better time. I was a walking zombie, literally! I had been exhausted physically and, mentally and I desperately needed some sunshine.

Eve & Nico had a “gifting” session to make ahead of the Oscar awards happening tonight. I can’t fully describe the experience but it was exactly what my soul needed. I got to spend four days with my mama being inspired by her work ethic, having deep conversations about life,  and laughing a lot. It’s been the best “hotel sleepover” I have had in a while.


What word should I use to describe Beverly hills? HIGH HEELS! I was probably the only person who wasn’t in high heels. The houses are grand (only as expected), Is everyone a model? and the cars *jaw drop*. I am not going to pretend that I am used to seeing Rolls Royces, yes…I stopped and looked in wonder and may or may not have touched things I wasn’t supposed to touch.

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We stayed at the Luxe hotel on Rodeo Drive, yes, that’s the street in pretty woman and EVERYTHING on that street is designer heaven if you’re into that kind of stuff. We all need a movie experience once in a while and I did feel like I was in a movie. I kept asking this over and over, ‘do people actually live this kind of life?’ Bijan blew my mind. It is the world’s most expensive men’s store and it is by appointment only. If I had time on my hands I would have loved to just sit outside it and ask people for advice on how to run a successful business.

IMG_1876 IMG_1843

If you know me, you know I eat like a bird. I am not a foodie although I must give credit to my palate for making progress in the food “arena”. Beverly Hills was good to my appetite, I don’t think I have ever eaten like that in my life. Ever! We were mostly restaurant hopping and every dish I ate, I exclaimed that it was the best I had ever had.

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I got back to my bed in Edgewater freshly inspired, awestruck by the goodness of God how He can take two absolutely ordinary people to places we could have never imagined, meeting with people we would have never dreamt of or known of their existence and, a revelation of how our ordinary lives can be extraordinary if we let God lead.


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