Why You’re Choosing The Struggle Life

This morning in the parking lot, I saw a man struggling to fit his car in a complicated parking spot. You know those spots that are usually by the sharp entry corners with squeezed poles? Yes, that’s where he was squeezing his car. I was right behind him asking myself, ‘WHY? Whhhhyyyyy?’

The parking lot was empty in the morning, there were lots of large spots where he didn’t have to squeeze into. Why did he choose to suffer so early in the day? He could have lost a side mirror trying to get in. For what?

This had me thinking, how many of us are deliberately choosing to do life the hard way? How many of us are choosing a life of struggle pretending there’s nothing we can do about it?

We want to wake up early but we convince ourselves that it’s impossible to go to bed before 1 am. We want a fit body but we cannot find time for a quick 30 minutes workout. We want to grow our relationship with God but reading The Bible requires a lot of concentration. Somehow we have time to watch hours on hours of Netflix.

We have chosen to embrace the struggle life because driving up just a little further to get a better parking spot requires a little more effort. What we aren’t taking into consideration is trying to back up multiple times to fit into the nearest parking spot is a waste of time. It’s also another way to scrape the car unprovoked.

What are you going to do about your chosen struggles? Are you willing to give them up and put in the necessary work? These are the questions I have asked myself this past month. I am not going to lie to you, my answers have all been excuses. We know when we are playing ourselves, we know the result of these games. I have been playing myself.

Some days it’s easy to get my mind in the right space, other days am literally drowning myself in my poor choices. If you’re struggling like I am, I hope that you and I shall stop making excuses and get uncomfortable only for a short while. We cannot let ourselves down. If you don’t show up for yourself, no one will.



  1. Yeah – i agree. Some struggles are self inflicted. Awareness is key to taking small measurable steps to a less stuggly life.

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