Let’s go to Hungary!

With just that one line, we decided to give Hungary’s capital Budapest a go. We had no recommendation, we didn’t know what to expect when we got there, we just chose a ‘random’ city and went for it and boy were we glad to be in Budapest. Hmm…so maybe I do have a little sense of adventure. Who’d have thought?

Where to stay?

I will always recommend google first. There’s a wealth of information online, that’s always so helpful. We used booking.com because it’s got lots of hotels listed that allow you to make reservations online without making a payment. Therefore you can make your payments at the hotel on your arrival or departure.

La Prima Fashion Hotel was really cute. It’s a boutique hotel right in the middle of some shopping and dining situation, and also very close to the Danube river. It is so perfectly situated, our luck with this one was unbelievable because when we were booking online, we weren’t really paying attention to the geographical position but the price and the quality of room because for us, the state of the room and bathroom could be the deal sealer or breaker. We value sleep.

Our next stay was at Hotel Parlament which was a delight from the get go. The staff was incredibly friendly, we found a little note with welcome champagne and fruit in our room, and the bedroom was fantastic. I have too many wonderful things to say about this hotel. They couldn’t go wrong. This particular hotel was a little walk from many of the touristy things but we didn’t care a bit because we love to walk anyway.

5 Things to do in Budapest

1. Just get the Budapest city card which is readily available at the airport and you’ll be sorted. We rode the sightseeing bus twice because we liked it that much. We took one trip during the day time and another during the night to get a proper feeling of day and night Budapest. It also helps going on the bus tour first because it helps you plan where to go next during your trip.2. River cruise on the Danube; we took this in the evening because the sun was out and ready to demolish anyone in the afternoon. We loved seeing the two sides of the city on the river and the glaring difference. Buda is calm and green while Pest is where things are happening.

3. Walk on the Széchenyi Chain bridge. I love when states build cities with pedestrians in mind. It was nice walking on the bridges knowing that your safety was considered during the construction of these bridges.

4. Citadella at the top of Gellért Hill. Honestly, we walked so much to get to this point. There was probably a shorter route up this hill but leave it to us to choose the way of suffering. There’s lots of UNESCO preserved sites in Budapest and it’s truly wonderful seeing history being guarded amidst so many new buildings and inventions.

5. Take a stroll through the market. I am still not sure if we were in a restaurant market or something. There were lots of restaurants and shops selling unaffordable leather goods but it was nice to see the traditional Hungarian embroidery on so many clothes and I admired that this was being preserved.

Budapest is such a beautiful city with so much to see and do and we were not disappointed at all. Most of the people do speak English, and there’s signs all over the city to ease tourists’ movement. I can’t recommend this city enough, it’s definitely worth visiting.

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