I am in the beauty industry and I love everything about cosmetics. The way a shower gel uplifts your mood after a long day, a red lipstick boosts your confidence and a dewy skin is everyone’s ultimate goal.

Do you have a beauty shelf? Or have you seen one that you just want to replicate product by product? I thought I would share my beauty shelf on the blog and the products that I swear and live by. Not all products are listed because space is a major lie but I hope you’ll spot a product that you will want to try out.

Upper shelf

My upper shelf holds floss – boots UK (oral hygiene is something I am obsessed with but that’s a story for another day ), cotton swabs – capital shoppers supermarket Kampala, shavers – target (because grooming is major key!) In Kampala, you can find any of these at any supermarket.

Middle shelf

Topicrem lotion – I have been using this lotion since I was 14 and it is such an essential product for our entire family. It hydrates and moisturizes like nothing you’ve ever tried. Available at Eve & Nico Beauty, Kampala.

Nair hair removal cream – I used to use veet until I found this nair cream that actually has some scrub in it and grape seed oil that leaves my legs moisturized. I got this from Face values. If you’re looking for something similar I recommend veet or sally Hansen’s cream hair removal. In Kampala, you can get veet at any pharmacy and Sally Hansen wax kit at Eve and Nico Beauty.

Crest Gum Detoxify – listen, there’s toothpaste and then, there is crest! Remember how I am a obsessed with oral hygiene? There’s not a toothpaste I haven’t tried. I used to have sensitive gums that would bleed every time I would brush my teeth. I get my teeth cleaned at the dentist every so often and that would give me some relief but then extra effort was needed on my end. With crest gum detoxify and flossing daily, my mouth is a wonderland. Yes, I said it. And because I cannot do without this tooth paste, it has become available at Eve and Nico Beauty and I am going to tell you this, hurry while stock lasts!

Neutrogena ultra sheer body mist spf 45 – You need sunscreen end of. Don’t play with your skin believe me you will not win. I am healing from a summer burn that I do regret. I am usually very careful and try to use lotion with spf (sun protection factor) but I don’t know why I felt like a ninja this time round and thought I would be good without it. I played myself. If you’re getting sunscreen especially for the face, do take into consideration your skin type that way you do not get it wrong.

Shiseido essential energy day cream spf 20 – forget about dullness and dryness, this cream is all about the glow. A friend of mine (we are both beauty enthusiasts) asked my professional opinion about Shiseido line and I told her that it’s parent company makes great stuff therefore it might just be as good. In Evelyn fashion, if am going to recommend something it best be good. Therefore I got the face wash (heaven in a bottle), samples of the day cream, and let’s just say I went back to the store three weeks later and committed to cream. There’s lots of face creams with sunscreen, if you’re looking for one make sure to take into consideration your skin type. Sometimes what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another. Available at shiseido.com

Lower shelf

My Korean beauty serum, toner and cream from the face shop. I have blogged about this yehwadam line before and it is on heavy rotation in my skin regimen. If you want to know about toners and serums, I have done the hard work for you.

Nivea invisible deodorant – Don’t you just loathe stains on clothes? Honestly, power to people going au naturale with deodorants. I need my deodorant to be anti-persiperant and not to stain my clothes and I have got all of that in nivea. I wish I had all day to explain but I’ll have you know this, ‘only authentic nivea deodorant will not leave stains or that powdery thing in your armpits.‘ Please know the difference. Available at Eve & Nico Beauty, Kampala

What’s on your beauty shelf?


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