6 Uganda Instagram Travel Accounts to follow

We are coming to the end of April-travel and, many of you (and by many I mean more than three less than five – new definition by girl crush Nneka) asked me to highlight some Uganda travel instagram accounts. I do think that it’s important to travel and explore the world but it is even more important to explore your home first. I pride myself on being German-efficient so here are the Uganda travel accounts to follow to help you plan your next trip.

@thecatchmeifyoucan – Alright guys, this account will inspire you from your head to your tiptoes. Jessica is Ugandan and her mission is to be the first black woman to travel to 195 countries. She already has 107 countries under her belt. I’m gonna allow your jaw to drop all the way to the floor and you can pick it up after 6 minutes.

@chocolaty_prints – Karen is a true adventure seeker. Her page is beautifully African and she had me at that one picture with telephone wire baskets.

@lamickirabo – I love this girl. Lamic makes me want to own white robes and drink coffee (I don’t even drink coffee). I do miss her Uganda travel posts but lucky for us, she has a site with tips and posts from her travels around Uganda and you’ll find yourself packing tomorrow. Her aesthetics are my goals.

@keezire – Keezire is another gem. She’s got such positive vibes, good energy, the whole shebang! What I love about Keezire’s blog is that she really writes down the entire experience for the reader. It’s not just pictures, it’s an in-depth write up of her experiences.

@khukyenda – I loved the recent interview we had with Fay, and if you follow her you already know she is working on something big. You don’t want to miss out on this account, and for more on this big thing follow @nakedeyes_khukyenda

@storiesfrombeyond – I found this page and I immediately wanted to take a trip and have the photographer (I believe he is called Arthur) document my every waking hour on said trip.

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