A 3-day encounter – There is more

Saturday 12:15am

I just finished attending Hillsong conference. It started on Wednesday evening and ended Friday night.
I can’t express in words what this church conference has been for me. Aside from praying fervently to God to have Joel, Brooke and Jad lead worship on Friday (and by the way my prayers were answered) I got to experience something I hadn’t felt in such a long time.

I can honestly say, I felt God. He was almost palpable.

A few years back I learned about the power of worship and consequently it became my favourite garment  and, this particular Friday evening, I felt that I was singing from a different place. A place of true freedom and total abandon. I was a complete beautiful wreck singing off key! You see, when I look at where God has brought me from, When I look at what God has done for me, at what He keeps doing for me daily, at the numerous blessings He has graciously and generously given to me, I am moved to feelings I can’t express in word but in song.

I almost didn’t make it to conference this year. In fact I wasn’t bothered about it. I got the emails like I do every single year and…I didn’t think I’d be in the city to attend it and If I happened to be, I wouldn’t want to go by myself BUT GOD…

BUT GOD has a way of pushing us to what we need especially when He knows how hungry we’ve been for Him and how much we need it although to us we may not know to what extent or level this need is at. I also didn’t want to go by myself because the last thing I needed was ‘turn to your neighbour and say hi’ situation. See when you’ve got people you know with you, seated next to you, you’re safe because you can always turn to them for such times. (Don’t judge me, I am a work in progress)

God presented an opportunity through friends. Friends who I had longed to see and to hug. God knew that it would take those particular friends to reach out to me to attend conference because there was something on my heart that I did want to pass on. All I had wanted was to extend an overdue hug. Therefore, when I got the message asking if I was going for conference, I knew an opportunity had been literally handed to me from God Himself. I am glad I grabbed that opportunity and paid for my ticket and accepted to follow the promptings of God.

Pic via: Hillsong

Being around these incredible friends who worshipped as desperately as I did, who hungered like I did, who knew that we had no time to waste but to take in all we were being taught, who made me laugh, and who made me incredibly aware of the power of God connections was exactly what I needed. It’s so like God, I went in expecting to stretch out my arms, but I came back with renewed friendships that indeed were meant for a time such as this one, and a sisterhood of prayer warriors that at any given moment should I find trials and tribulations as is the way of life, I know beyond a doubt that they’d be in line praying with me, as I would be in line praying with them.

Something changed in the spiritual realm. An abundance of breakthroughs in our lives and the lives of loved ones. I am so equipped for the next journey. I am so grateful to the anointing of God that’s on the people who poured all they had into us. Most importantly, I’m so grateful to God, who calls me His daughter and who chooses me daily.

Now I get back to my reality slightly broke because the food at Barclays Center is ridiculously expensive but you know what my eyebrows have grown back and sometimes that is enough. And…I feel rich in my spirit and soul.

May August be filled with God’s beautiful wonders in your lives.

  1. Proud of that step you took. Proud of your faith. Proud of you that at your age you know it’s about preparing for eternity it’s not what is around us now that matters at all it is where we will go. Forever proud of you!!!

    1. Thank you for such kind words and encouragement Carolyne. It means a lot to me hearing that and stirring up my faith even more.
      Ps. Thank you for reading 🙂

  2. You write so beautifully!
    Taking in your words is like drinking concentrated juice on a hot afternoon! Much needed good vibes. Thanks for sharing!

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