It is indeed that time of the year where the supermarkets have the Christmas trees out in October (what’s that about?), Mariah Carey is about to blast through our radios and we are not mad about it at all. She’s a legend! And, your work place is about to pass around roughly torn tiny papers with staff names written on them for secret santa. Christmas (trying so hard not to say ‘The Holidays’) is beautiful.

Now, you might not be giving or receiving gold, frankincense and myrrh but you might have a list of people you want to give some gifts and you don’t know where to start from and for some, your wallet is denying you that freedom.

We’ve done the ‘dirty’ work for you and here is a list that can guide you this Christmas while you shop. This list has gifts under $145 approximately UGX500,000.


1. Karobwa Scents (@karobwascents) – You can never go wrong with scents and these Ugandan sisters will bring freshness to your home space throughout the year through their beautifully handmade diffusers and candles. They have a variety of 14 scents that come in small and medium candle sizes of UGX15,000 and UGX20,000 respectively. They’ve also got reed diffusers at UGX65,000 in two scents and these are especially great for interior lovers because they can also be decorative.

For more information; Telephone: +256-784-873-590

Available at these locations: Definition Africa at Acacia Mall, Joshanne shop in Naguru (Panamera parking) and Ark Organics at Tamarai Restaurant in Kololo

2. Wendy’s Closet (@wendysclosetug) – Ladies, you know you have about 12 best friends and there’s always that friend who is chronically late. Wendy’s Closet has got the cutest Nine West watches and this Christmas season they are yours for UGX220,000. For that friend who is never on time a watch is exactly what the doctor recommends.

For more information; +256-789-781-782

3. Maya’s Gallery (@mayasgalleryug) – Maya’s gallery is a lifestyle shop with a little bit of everything. Maya’s personal style is a perfect mix of vintage and trendy, always classy and therefore this is what we’d call the every girl’s type of shop. For this season, Maya’s gallery has some beautiful bags that cost UGX120,000 – UGX250,000. With such great prices, you can literally get 4 bags and you’re set.

For more information; Telephone: +256-783-160-424

Location: Akamwesi Complex, Shop 15

4. Beddings – You know how we feel about great bedsheets on this blog. We won’t bore you to sleep with details but a good night’s rest might just depend on your bedsheets. Sheba’s beddings cost UGX250,000 – UGX300,000.

For more information; Telephone +256-772-183-683

5. Mashach Jewelry (@mashchjewelry) – Literally the classiest handmade jewelry you’ll ever wear. We love a thoughtfully handmade piece, one-of-a-kind pieces are always such heart warming gifts and we cannot stop raving about this brand. I believe it will be featured on Vogue soon, therefore do not sleep on this jewelry line.

6. Gym – New year, new me, new body. We all know that one person in our lives who is trying to get fit but lacks commitment. You can now get such a person 10 sessions at the gym and push them to live their best fitness life.

Acacia mall gym has promotions going on throughout the year, but best to take advantage of their christmas offers. 10 sessions cost UGX 250,000.

7. Cara Designers Collection (@caradesignerscollection) – We have that one man or five men we want to splurge on and this is the perfect shop for that.  Luxury Italian brands are carried in this shop and you will be impressed with their meticulously curated brands that will surely get the men in your life feeling all types of special.

Price range – UGX150,000 – UGX500,000 on select items.

For more information; Telephone: +256-392-175-430

Location: Garden city mall, 1st floor

8. Eve & Nico Beauty Stores (@eveandnicobeautyug) – for the beauty enthusiasts this would be the gift that they’d never forget. Eve & Nico Beauty has gift vouchers available throughout the year and, we all know how therapeutic it is to stand in a well conditioned shop surrounded with beautiful things. For that person in your life who is obsessed with their self care rituals, this is the perfect gift voucher.

Voucher price range – UGX100,000 – UGX500,000

For more information; Telephone: +256-393-514-741

Location: Garden city mall, 1st floor, Acacia mall, ground floor, Crane Plaza – Kisimenti shop 1 and, Pioneer mall shop 1.

9. Vision books and planners – Planners/organisers can literally transform your work life. They keep you accountable to the goals that you’ve set for yourself during the week, months and year. We’ve talked about the importance of vision books and how whatever we jot down will truly manifest in our lives.

You can find vision books and planners on amazon or any local book store.

10. Teas and Tea sets – Our culture is filled with tea drinking people. These are the perfect gifts for parents and guardians and of course tea lovers. A nice cup of tea can lift one’s mood like nobody’s business!

11. Books – Should we even go there? Get someone a book.

12. Flowers (@Sarasgardenug, @missyslilacpetals, @nineteentwentyonelifestyle)

I hate receiving flowers, said no one ever.

Flowers are literally the nicest surprise. Their scent is calming and they are good to look at. You are in charge of the price you want to pay, that’s the beauty of gifting flowers.

Sara’s Garden has flowers that are made with so much love, this love is almost tangible. They are the perfect gift for your mother.

Missy’s Lilac Garden flowers will instantly put you in a great mood and her presentation is thoughtful.

Nineteen Twenty One Lifestyle’s flowers are extremely chic. They exude such elegance and if you’re looking to fancy up things, this is the place.

We hope our little Christmas guide will be helpful to you as you plan and prepare for the holidays.

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