The Thing About New York

I remember the first day when ‘Murica became our home, it was the coldest New Year I’ve ever felt.

On that devilishly cold afternoon, we decided to go to Time Square because we are general lovers of things and what better place to start your new life?

A few years have gone by and a personal decision to make Kampala my base has been made. New York has given me all that it has had to give and I’ve given it all that I’ve had to give. Lesson; we must know when it’s time to start a new chapter. I’ve been making peace with this decision for a year and some because truth is told I found my truest self in this concrete jungle.

Like the true girl that I am, my first concern was (I kid you not), I have limited access to shopping as I please! Don’t judge me.

Although my priorities are somewhat misdirected at times, I also know that I have duties and purposes that I need to fulfil while I still have life in me e.g. Warrior Women.

I was scared when I first moved to ‘Murica but it’s been one of the most life changing experiences I’ve had. I’ve lived what I can only describe as a movie life! I’ve had moments where I had to punch myself to check if the things that happened to me were real. I’ve mostly met wonderful people (that’s definitely God) because this city has some cray people. I’ve also been cussed at on the street but that was mostly funny, she is a bitter woman. (Story for another day)


• I got myself through a Master’s program (I bet you didn’t know that).

• I got the courage to start an NGO (which by the way is still in baby steps but we aren’t giving up)

• I got the courage to write a book. Yes you read that right. My friend Elma and I have written a book and we’ll share more details soon.

Let’s talk about what I’ll miss about New York soon. Yes?

Did I mention how awesome you are? Thank you for reading my thoughts, I hope you always leave this site light hearted and rejuvenated.

For anyone feeling low, or whose year has been ridiculously hard… remember that ‘everything passes, not only happiness but sadness too’ and God never fails.

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