The One About Feminism

Feminism: The belief that women and men should have equal rights and opportunities. Simple.

There are all types of feminists Liberals, socialists, cultural, and radicals and, I will give brief definitions to make the subject more exciting.

Radicals – These guys are for the elimination of the concept of gender, and gender roles e.g. women shouldn’t have to miss work because of babies. They can just make babies in a machine instead of being burdened with maternal responsibilities. In fact, why don’t the men go make their own babies? Yes, they are that radical! If we don’t have gender in the question, then we won’t have the need to have these discussions on women and men. Problem solved.

Socialists – Kinda extreme but not as extreme as radical feminists. If you understand socialism (China) and capitalism (America). Mostly based on politics and economics. Do away with capitalism which strengthens and supports the sexist status quo (because men are paid more for the exact same job as women and those men share their power and money with other men, therefore keeping women under the control of men) and use a socialist approach which gives women access to more opportunities and resources.

Cultural – Encourage feminine behaviour rather than masculine behaviour. You know the traditional masculine behaviours like aggressiveness, competitiveness that might not be necessarily bad but may have negative aspects like suppression of feelings which might birth crime, murder and social issues such as domestic violence. These guys are all for sharing feelings. Men, tell us what it is you feel, let’s hold hands and cry, let it out don’t hold it in. Essentially these guys are promoting sensitivity with the belief that men and women can have dialogue to better understand each other.

Liberals – (The one where most of us fall) This feminist approach is sort of tailored to mainstream society. This focuses on individuals using their own abilities to help women and men become equal in the eyes of the law, society and work places. These guys don’t wait for the democratic process to be changed like the socialists. They get things done from where they are. They are revolutionary!

I, for one, am over people disqualifying each other because they don’t fit their mental version of a feminist.
Opinion also not fact. Each one of us has an opinion, and your opinion might not be wrong to you but it might be to someone else and that’s also okay. It’s just an opinion that’s why we’ve got all schools of thoughts on this subject of feminism and we gravitate towards what resonates with us the most.

Who isn’t a feminist?

Being one of these things, doing or not doing one of these on this non exhaustive list, doesn’t disqualify one from being a feminist

1. Free the nipple – If you’re like me, you’re never going to free your nipple simply because you as your person, are not comfortable with having your nipple free, just like how some people don’t like to show their knees in shorts. It’s a matter of preference.
It doesn’t mean I’m going to bash whoever wants to free theirs, it is nothing to be ashamed of. If it gets the message across it gets the message across. Everyone has their own unique way of supporting the empowerment of women and freeing the nipple is just not mine.

2. Conservative (also another complex subject)
We usually associate conservatism with how people dress, speak, carry themselves, how they wear their hair etc mostly from what’s depicted on the outside. That doesn’t make a wo/man conservative at all!

You know what makes a person conservative? That person’s mind and its inability to create, see or support change that make things better for wo/men.

3. Not being smart enough. So what if you’re not as smart as others? There’s something you’re probably good at that someone you consider smart isn’t able to do. You’re not an imposter and you do deserve to call yourself a feminist whether you can define feminism or not. Any progress and interest on your part is progress for all feminists.

4. Choice and exercising yours differently.

  • If you chose/choose to be a stay at home mum – you’re not disqualified from being a feminist.
  • If you chose/choose to get married, have children, and come home to make dinner for your husband because you enjoy it – enjoying making meals for your household doesn’t disqualify you from being a feminist.
  • Unmarried –  you’re not disqualified from being a feminist.

The entire phenomena is based on having CHOICE. The ability to choose from various options without being scorned.

5. If you like pretty little things, and men. – you’re not disqualified from being a feminist.

Feminism isn’t about man hating at all. Don’t miss the point.

Although there are various schools of thought on feminism. We all have a common ground, things that we all cannot tolerate, these things speak for themselves and any one who is human, has a heart and brain can see these things clearly.

  • Should women have equal access to education, employment, political participation? Yes
  • Equal pay when man and woman are doing the same job? Hell yeah!
  • Should such unreasonable cultural practices e.g Female Genital Mutilation, Marital rape, domestic violence be protected? NEVER.

And of course we are all against absurd stupidity.

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