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There’s something beautiful about Hannat… Yes her long supermodel legs but something more. She’s a bubble of life and has a pure kindness that she pours out so generously. At my first ever Blankets & Wine event, I stumbled upon her food stall The Food Library, and she generously handed me a box filled with yummy sweet goodies. I am talking caramel popcorn, cupcakes with sprinkles all the things that make my life complete. *Swoon*

I love seeing young people taking life by the reins, stepping out and doing things that are great for their countries and making our homes what we dreamed they would be. What better way than expressing self in food, right?

Let’s get to know Hannat and The Food Library through this Q&A


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Of course we all are dying to know, on a scale of 1 to Hell’s Kitchen, how intense is a chef’s life when they are on the job?

HN: It’s pretty intense. Actually scratch that “Chef life” overwhelming intense. Have you seen the movie Burnt with Bradley Cooper? Yeah it’s Hell’s Kitchen, that, and so much more…I don’t think a scale could sum it up.

Where did you attend culinary school?

HN: I went to Capsicum Culinary Studio in SA. For both Pastry & Food Preparation

Celebrity chef you’d would love to cook a meal for
HN: Chef Roble Ali ( LOVE him) I’d be honoured to hear his comments on anything I would prepare for him. Also Omar of Culinary harassment. He speaks to my soul (& that of very many others that are or have been exposed to this industry)
What’s your favourite meal?
HN: Favourite meal…I usually ask, to eat? Or to make? But in my case it’s Pasta for both. Its a dish that has an insanely various way you can prepare it (and eat it).
Has anyone ever made you cry in the kitchen?
HN: No…but they’ve come pretty close. I made a promise to myself not to drop a tear in front of anyone in a kitchen…unless of course one of my body parts has been critically injured in a kitchen accident (that’s the exception).
Tell us about food library (why you started it) and where you’re located 
HN: The Food Library is a lot of things right no. Right now, it’s essentially a mobile food provider. We have a lunch delivery service, cakes, cupcakes, doughnuts, éclairs & other pastries available to order.  We also cater for kids parties, offer private chef dining which is where we bring the fine dining restaurant experience directly to your home or location of your choice. We bring the waiters, tables, décor, 3/4 course meal, the whole shebang. The beauty of this private dining is this; we do all the cleaning. Isn’t that a dream!?
What’s your favourite food on the food library menu
HN: It’s hard to say, the menu is constantly changing.
What makes the food library stand out from other restaurants/bakeries?
HN: I’d rather have the client experience our difference and have the review speak for us. Yes?
Best thing about being a chef 
HN: The overwhelming pressure and demand to exceed expectations even in simplest things
Worst thing about being a chef
HN: The adrenaline rush from the overwhelming pressure & demand
What advise would you give to people like me who want to cook but aren’t born with the desire.
HN: I don’t really know if I get that question…umm I don’t even really think anyone is born with the desire. I think you kind of get exposed to things that give growth to the desire. I’d say maybe start with re-creating things you absolutely LOVE to eat.
What’s your vision for the food library?

HN: I don’t know where to begin trying to put it into words but I would definitely say Restaurant (queue Drake’s Started from the bottom).

We want to expose people to all sorts of different things food wise. Sort of of how I came up with the name, I mean there’s a whole world inside a library. Different books talking about all sorts of places and all sorts of things. The Food Library wants to create endless possibilities and expose our clients to the different ways food can be created, eaten and most especially enjoyed.

I want people to be excited when they arrive and disappointed when they have to leave but look forward to when they will be back again

Do not even slack! Here’s where you can find more information an all things food library.

Instagram: @thefoodlibraryug





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