The First Timer’s Guide to Eating and more in New York City | Soho Edition

I know… I know I just went MIA and didn’t keep the four posts a month as I’d hoped to. I won’t even say ‘life happens’ because I have honestly just been having the chillest time of my life. What does that mean? Oh you know, the usual… work, work, eat, eat and sleep. I got off the gram for a month and the Twitter and what not, and to be honest, I realised how insignificant I am. Eh! (That’s a whole other post for another time)

While I was 98.9764920204% submerged in my work life. I got to discover some Soho gems. It’s a good thing that I work in such a vibrant location but also extremely dangerous for my wallet. (The song that never ends)

Also I think Canal street is my new fave place. I know this will sound strange to people who’ve been to Canal street aka China town but something about the mess and hustle that makes me feel so alive.

If you’re ever in NYC and are looking to go wild in Soho, I have a few recommendations for you.

The best chocolate chip cookie you’ll ever eat in your entire life is found at Gasoline Alley Coffee. I’m not going to disclose how many cookies I’ve had from this place in a week. All am saying is it’s an obscene amount of cookies and I have no regrets! Sometimes they are the reason I wake up in the morning. Don’t judge.

I like dumplings. And if they are chicken, even better. And if they are crispy you can have all my money in an instant. Soho Thai NYC is that place you just walk in without any expectations and then you eat the food, and you ask yourself this, ‘what have I been doing with my life all this time?’ On my third visit, i carried the menu back with me to work, and started to plan my daily meals. What an unexpected delight!

Next to Soho Thai, another small restaurant tempts you to come in. Hampton Chutney Co. has avocado toast plastered on their door. SAY NO MORE. You know what is different about Chutney’s avocado toast? Tomatoes! I had never had one with tomatoes before. My stomach usually doesn’t take to Indian food, therefore I was glad to find something that I could eat. Namaste here!

I’m that girl who absolutely enjoys diners! I dont know what it is about diners but they just seem so comfortable. Diners have a mix of everything, and perhaps this is why many people gravitate towards that sort of setting. I walked into Nickel & Diner for a soy milkshake, and then tried to leave with their decor. I love the red walls, the lights, the flowers, the set up, the mirrors! The whole idea is an entire mood. Plus they’ve got these very soft napkins that are so hotel like. I actually think that I went back mostly for the napkins more than anything. They really paid attention to the details in that diner.

I could go on and on and write about the mess of being right in the buzz of New York Fashion Week (NYFW). All am saying is bloggers and influencers have worked for their money because there were many road accidents that could have happened with all bloggers trying to get the perfect NYFW shot in the streets. Also if you ever want to see paparazzi during NYFW,11 Howard hotel is the place for you. The outfits on the influencers/bloggers, stylists, models were majorly insane. Honestly, every morning for that week, I felt like I had malaria every time I’d look at what I was wearing.
Lesson: comparison is the thief of joy.


DIY flower arranging with Fox Fodder Farms

Fox Fodder Farm. Flower arrangements that make your soul bloom! I had no idea they’d made some floral arrangements for Carolina Herrera when I came across them. I just thought they were these undiscovered hippie guys in Canal market, only to discover that they are sort of a big deal! I went to get some flowers here. The flowers I paid for were small in comparison to what I paid for BUT the detail that went into it made me smile. At the end of the day, we all just want to smile. If you’re looking for unique floral arrangements, these guys are the plug!

Are you planning a trip to NYC next summer? Get these on your itinerary. You’ll not be disappointed.

I’m taking a very deep breath and saying goodbye to summer in my favourite city. We are walking into a new season of our lives, anticipating that it only gets better and better with every season, and believing God’s good promises for each one of us.

How about we do 8 posts this month? Are you even ready?


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