I thought by 25 I would have figured out this period thing. No more surprises at 11am, no more cramps and definitely be in charge of my period mood. Long story short, period 101 : me 0.

Our bodies give us signs a few days to the dreaded occasion. In my case I get serious expensive cravings. Whatever my stomach craves, is usually something that will remain on my hips, or something that will burn another hole in my purse. Calamari, more calamari, fried chicken, fries anything with lots of oil and out of my reach is what I crave.  Anyway, when I get those signs, my period antenna is switched on and remains alert to prepare myself, ‘any day this week’.

Prior to our periods, most of us will wear panty liners because you never have to get ready if you stay ready.  And it’s just like life that on the one day you forget that liner or forget to replace the emergency tampon or pad, it’s a downpour. Yay.

It felt like an unfair game of hide and seek where I always lost until I found this app!
Flo aka Aunt Flo, the most reliable period app ever (and believe me I have been through apps) has eased my period life.

What is it about Flo?

Unlike your period, Flo (if used well) is reliable. Once you’ve logged your two periods or more the consistency with timing is almost magical.
I don’t like spending money on apps. I started out by using the free option to test it out and, after six months I was sold. I purchased my subscription for one year to unlock more of its benefits and, I do not regret this choice.

I’ve come to learn so much about my body and what goes on inside. This app has been the biology teacher that I actually understand.

Benefits of subscription

1. There’s this insights information that gives you courses on things like treating period acne, cramp relief roadmap, foods to eat before your period etc. You get to choose from great topics and learn at your own pace.
2. It’s like a body diary. Log in and note down what you ate, your hours of sleep, your mood etc. This is information will give you a more personalized interaction with the app and get you a front row seat to your inner body.
3. The app has ‘secret chats’ for all those questions you’re afraid to ask. Lacking in knowledge? Don’t be afraid. Browse topics and find guidance to your particular question. Topics range from breast self checks to managing anxiety and more.
4. And most importantly, this app has doctors from reputable universities giving guidance to you as your discover your body inside and out. Therefore, it’s reliable information that you can trust.

It’s definitely worth the subscription cost and I am more confident in dealing with periods. I have not had terrible cramps in a while because I know when to take my medication before they hit.

I have a lot to say about this app and you guys know that when I find something great, I obsess. If you’re looking for a period app to use, this is the best one yet! It’s made my period days more bearable. I now understand that I am not insane for crying and laughing simultaneously for no reason.

Do you use this app or any other? If yes, what do you like about the app you use?


  1. Yay!! I’ve been using Flo too for a few years now and it’s been a great help. Definitely would recommend it.

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