The best is yet to come…

No one told me that 2015 would end with me seated next to someone passing repugnant gas every other 20 minutes on my flight back to New York. I think, security needs to check our stomachs before we board flights because gas such as the one I had to endure could easily be an attack on one’s safety.
Anywho, Looking back at the year I find myself saying this over and over ‘thank You God for not giving me some of the things I prayed for.’ Flying back with such a light heart having tied loose ends, spent quality time with people who replenish my soul, I feel truly expectant for 2016. I’ve got a wonderful feeling about this coming year. 
Although you’ve spent your 2015 amidst confusion, tears, loss, heartache, illness, fruitless job searches, relocation etc, you’ve got to believe that it can only get better and it shall. I’m going to make this year a year of ‘yes’ to life. 
Let’s say what needs to be said, Let’s do what needs to be done, let’s work hard, let’s be good to people and let’s be the kind of souls that heal.
Here’s to 2016 and all the good things God has for each one of you. I pray blessings and favour over your new year and I pray that you’ll never find yourself seated next to someone constantly passing gas. Amen.

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