The Beauty Secret You Did Not Know About

We all know that if it makes it here, then it MUST be true, coz you know, I ain’t gonna lie. I have found the love of my face, and I am slapping myself for living in ignorance all these years.

FACE SERUM! Serum is the biggest beauty secret.

I have sold serums countless times to clients. I did not understand why people would freak out if the shop had run out of their brand of serum. I am happy to report that I am now that person who stocks up on serum because it has been the love my face has been waiting for.

What is a face serum?
It’s a liquid product that you apply to your skin after cleansing or applying a toner but before applying a face cream or moisturizer. Serum prepares the skin to receive all the nutrients that are found in your face cream. Serum is also moisturizing but it doesn’t take the place of a cream or moisturizer.

How and when to use a serum

Serums are usually pricey simply because of how concentrated they are. I use yehwadam hwansaenggo serum and believe me, I use it sparingly. I apply my serum twice or once a day. I invest in richly concentrated creams that are really moisturizing therefore I use the serum as I see fit. Usually once a day application is okay. If I don’t use my serum in the morning, I use it by itself at night after cleaning my face because my serum is really moisturizing on its own and therefore I don’t use a night cream. (I use the night cream only when I run out of serum)

Picks by beauty experts

I asked the ladies at Eve & Nico Beauty what serums their clients love and these are a few you can find at your nearest Eve & Nico Beauty shop or on any online shop.

The experts have spoken;

  • Dior capture totale
  • Olay regenerist regenerating serum
  • Neutrogena hydro boost hydrating serum
  • La mer the regenerating serum

Now you know the secret, do not neglect your skin. Don’t wait to get all ashy and wrinkly to pay attention to your skin. It is important to invest in yourself because it really will save you lots of money in the future. Should we cover toning next? A lot of people don’t even know where to start with this… do let me know what skin care topic you’d like me to write about.

Until some time this week…ciao.


  1. Oh how I love this post!!! Serum is life!! I started using the genefique serum by Lancôme a couple years back and I’ve the never turned back.

    1. Hi Phelis, I usually recommend that the first step is coming in to any shop and have a consultation. It’s very hard to recommend something before seeing the state of each individual’s face situation. When you have time, stop in at the GC branch and I will personally help you figure something out for your skin. The more challenging the skin, the better for us:-)

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