Thank You Note 2018

Dear friend,

We have no more months left in this year. I thought I would have time to sit and reflect and write you something ‘deep’ that we’d both marvel at but I did not plan that out, and we are just going to have to freestyle this letter as we go along.

For me, this year has been majorly focussed on work. I am getting more comfortable in my position, getting comfortable with the demands of my job and I feel knowledgeable in my field and all my fears and the incompetencies that I often felt, are no more! Perhaps it’s because I stopped whining and decided to find solutions to my issues. Pity parties are overrated, wouldn’t you agree? I hope your year has been filled with growth, and if you met any sadness along the way, take comfort in knowing that the best is yet to come. Do not give up on yourself.

Dear friend, I think the world is getting noisier. I feel like everyone is talking and no one is willing to listen. Everyone wants to be right, no one wants to take responsibility, and everyone wants to be apologized to. I wonder, have we become overly sensitive? Are we losing the balance? 

That aside, we are about to start a new year. We often say ‘new year, new me’ but I think every new day is another chance for us to be new. How do you feel about ‘new day, new me?’ It is never too late to redefine yourself, to stop a bad habit, to eat better, to work out more, to drink more water, to smile more etc. Taking it a day at a time, and the only failure we know, is the kind where we do not take a lesson from our mistakes/failures. 

Therefore in the new year, I hope dear friend that you will show compassion towards others and yourself. Be kind, always. I hope that you will be unafraid of what people think about you because their thoughts are none of your business. I hope that you will live confidently and boldly. I hope that your beauty shines from deep down, the kind of beauty that glows and lights up rooms. I hope you will laugh more. I hope that you will feel seen and worthy. I hope that you will go after your dreams with a fire and passion that’s never been seen before.

Dear friend, thank you for subscribing and allowing me to have a little of your time. You reading challenges me to write more and to be mindful of what I write because I do want to be part of what makes your life a little more brighter. Thank you for staying the path with me here. God bless you.

Ps. Don’t forget to pray for yourself, no one will pray for you like yourself. After all, who knows the cry of your heart more than you?

Have yourself a merry little Christmas.


Your mind friend.


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