Summer Lovin’ – Part I

Dear friend,

Did I ever tell you about the fortune teller? He came into the store on a cold March day, draped in his Indian lungi (somewhat) and asked to read my fortune.
I, of course, told him that I wasn’t interested. And although I had shown all forms of disinterest in the matter, he went on to make himself at home (a habit of his, I believe) and insisted that he would read my fortune for free. My response was laughter.
Me: *something along these lines* sir, I truly am not interested, I believe in God, and if He knows my future then am all good, besides the way things have been going… Trust me, I am on worse, sure it can get to worst but today, in this moment… It is worst.
Him: yeah, I can tell that you’ve been having some bad months but around May, you’ll see things start to get better.
Me: Hahahahahaha … That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day.
Him: *says many other things*
Me: sarcastic sure
Him: would you like to donate to my organisation for children in India?
Me: (sure *mental note* the children are the future so this is worth it, I hope he is telling the truth*
*Man Exits*
Did things get better? Yes. Was it because of what the fortune teller predicted? No. I believe it was 100% God and 10% the passing of time. (Don’t even try to do the maths, you’ll get a headache)
I’ve never underestimated giving time some time.
In our moments of pain, losses, and despair, time seems to stand still for us while everyone else seems to be moving on. We look at people laughing and wonder to the world, ‘how is it that people are moving on with their lives while I’m here suffocating with pain, stuck in a moment?’
Monday and Friday are the same for you. While everyone changes their status to Fri-Yay, you’re thinking die-yay or cry-yay.
Well… Honey, hang in there. Look out for God in that time because I kid you not, God heals, God reveals, God comforts, God rescues, God provides, God sustains, God hugs, God kisses, God makes you laugh, God is there with you through Monday to Monday, January to December and He is moving time to a day when you’re going to be in a good place. You just need to hang in there like the trooper that you are.
Summer is here, it’s more than everything I had imagined. I am truly overwhelmed by the goodness of God at how much happiness and joy He is showering over my life. I pray that you too will be filled with a joy so tangible, with a peace so divine, that your heart feels content inside of you. Knowing that even in your loneliest hour, you have already overcome.
Dear friend, I had planned for this post to be hella funny, about subways, reasons why I love summer, and things you should look into e.t.c but here I am writing something completely different. Isn’t that just like life? Plan one thing and something else happens…maybe this one was really for you.

Your Mind Friend.
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