Open Letter – Summer 2017

Dear friend,

There’s a season of fame and season of seclusion. Remember that time Sandra Bullock was everything and everywhere? Season of fame. And 2016, she wasn’t anywhere to be seen? Yes, season of seclusion.

This year has been my year of seclusion. It has required me to be. Be still. Be present.
In being still, I’ve found myself tangled in what I can only describe as a web of laziness. In spite of it, I have learnt some valuable lessons that come from ne faire rien.

Every year, I am prepared to achieve things. It’s what an overachiever does. I have a list of things that MUST get done or heaven help me I’m gonna stop the months mid track. This year, was no different. I had a lot of personal business to take care of that I neglected everything else on my list. Turns out, I am not the multitasking type. I neglected the promotion of my book, I neglected Girl-EMED, and I neglected this blog.

You know what I found surprising? I don’t feel guilty. At all.

Friend, things did take their own wonderful course. I had desired to go to Senegal and France this year, but better came into existence.
I have gone to church less this year but I have learnt to pray like a warrior. Turns out ‘war room’ like prayers can change your life dramatically. Having dates with God has been so beautifully challenging, revealing things about me, revealing things about God, revealing things about the people in my life and ultimately being the one activity that I cannot go a week without having.
My best friends got engaged to the loves of their lives. I cannot begin to describe how wildly fantastic this is. I finally get to be a bridesmaid. That’s all I’ve lived for in this life. When you watch the people you love with the people you’d hoped they’d end up with, ahhhhhh it’s beautiful.

Love is beautiful.

I’ve also discovered that I love hosting people. You think you know yourself and then one morning you wake up and, you’re hosting people and loving it.

At this exact moment, my life feels like a vacation. Maybe that’s what happens when you start to enjoy the places you find yourself in and, consciously choosing the people to share your life experiences with. The lazy days are slowly coming to an end, and it’s time to pick up the dusty papers and get back to achieve-mode.

Dear friend, I have no regrets. I write this under the bluest skies, my short bob growing out, my feet dangling, surrounded with red, white and pink flowers in sight. It feels like a dream to be this unbothered about anything but it is my reality today.

Dear friend, I hope your reality is even more beautiful than mine.

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