Dear friend,

I know I have been gone for way too long. Not a single post since January! However, I have been all over the place working, staying still and keeping well. Are you doing well? I do hope that you are in a good place, having good things happening to you constantly.

I am in a season of transition and, boy-oh-boy am I stretching and growing. I want to tell you about all the podcasts I am listening to, all the work-outs that I am not doing and, all the books I have been reading but today I will tell you about my love for South of France.

I am not sure how far back France and I go. I know what you’re thinking, ‘gosh…she’s such a cliche’, and you know what? You’re not wrong! Paris is awesome, and I think the Eiffel tower is all the rave and more. 

My first name is derived from Aveline – feminine Norman French which is a French Dialect of modern Normandy. But of course this isn’t what was taken into consideration when my mother gave me my name. She just thought it was a pretty name and well, it suits me. Therefore with that little history, I have since believed that a lot of French things and I are meant to be. Crepes, macarons, and flirty clothes…I am in.

And then I discovered that there was a whole other world that was meant for me and I for it. The South of France (SOF). In 2014, I watched Audrey Tautou in Hors de Prix living in these luxurious hotels in the South of France from Biarritz to Nice and I later found myself on my knees pulling my dreams from heaven and chanting, ‘this is my portion; I receive a luxurious trip to France.’

It wasn’t until 2017 that I made my first trip to the SOF specifically Monaco and I knew in my heart (I know I tend to be a tad dramatic) that it was love at first everything. I feel so in my element when I am in France. I have this confident version of myself that takes me by surprise. I often find that I leave the country with desires that I didn’t even know lived in me. My wardrobe changes, my diet changes and I literally cannot stop speaking all the French I know. I happily exhaust myself. France is a major vibe ya’ll.

Dear friend, It’s exciting to think of all the places we haven’t visited yet, all the adventure that awaits us and all the things we are yet to achieve. I hope we will continue to pray earnestly and will our desires into this one life that we have been given. More and more I become aware of how finite we are, and I challenge us dear friend to live well, work well and go after the desires of our hearts with no fear, trusting God with our whole being. 





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