10 reasons you should take a solo-cation or solo-stay-cation

I love a good ole solo-cation. My friend and I were talking the other day about how necessary these are the older we get. I have found myself deep down in the pits of self-neglect, entangled in a web of thoughts, creatively unavailable, eating cereal for dinner, sleeping in a week’s old bedsheets because I have not had time to myself. I am not sure about you but I do enjoy my me-time immensely and therefore I am very selfish with me-time.

Sometimes you find yourself overwhelmed, and unplugging from the social network isn’t enough. You need to pack your suitcase and go. Go where? Anywhere! This post is to get you my indecisive friend to up and go take that much needed solo-cation.

You don’t have to get on a plane to take a solo-cation. There’s such a thing as a solo-stay-cation.

Why you should take a solo-cation or a solo-stay-cation.

1. You don’t have people asking you to get their good angles or good sides. If that’s not the biggest incentive, I don’t know what to do for you.

1a) If you happen to be the friend or family member with the good camera you might as well kiss goodbye to your phone space.

1b) If the pictures were taken on your phone, you’ll get relentless messages asking you to send the pictures asap. eg You: Should we go get some food?

Them: I didn’t hear my phone buzz…did you send the pictures yet?

2. Eat. I know some people are afraid of eating by themselves, but one way to get over this is to remember that no one is really looking at you and thinking you’re without friends in this big world. Waltz in like a boss, lift one finger up to the host (definitely not the middle one), take a seat, and eat. I mean eat. Get the starter, the main course, the dessert. Don’t even pretend to read a book, just eat. You’ll appreciate food more.

3. When you’re alone, making decisions is way easier. Plan your itinerary if you’re going far away from home and do all the things you want to do. I love going to the aquariums, I find it immensely relaxing. You don’t have to spend hours going back and forth trying to find a consensus. If you opt for a stay cation, walk to the pool, get out a good book, sip some wine while you read. Do the things you want to do that you usually are not able to do in big groups because of all the distractions.

4. Going through some emotional turbulence? Want to revive your spiritual life? Want to plan your next steps in life? I find that taking time off, unplugging, putting the routine on a shelf, and allowing yourself to be in the moment heightens one’s spiritual awareness. Furthermore, unplugging is a great way to get your thoughts out of your head, laying them out and taking on all the mess one at a time. What better way than dedicating a stay-cation to that particular purpose?

5. Stay-cations are affordable. You don’t have to break the bank trying to go to the Swiss Alps, you can stay in a hotel, find National geographic channel at the touch of a remote.

6. Trying to get confidence? Traveling alone builds confidence. I remember traveling by myself on a train to France. My french wasn’t what it was today, and I remember freaking out. ‘How and who am I going to ask for directions on this underground?.’ It didn’t help that I had two suitcases with me. But when I reached my destination albeit damp from anxiety sweat, I was proud of myself. I met people who helped me carry my suitcases up and down the stairs, and the world did not seem as scary as I had thought.

7. You think you know who you are, until you travel by yourself. We have so many layers and unraveling those layers is extremely exciting. You’ll discover new things that you like. For example, recently I discovered a new obsession with hirata (Japanese) chicken buns. I never thought I’d like them. Lately, they are the last thing on my mind when I go to sleep. You’ll discover new things you care about. You’ll discover new genres in books and music that you probably wouldn’t have given a chance to had you been around other people. We often go out to discover the world, but the best journey is always the one to self discovery.

8. Ah! For all my bucket list people. Do not even think about waiting for someone to go to Alaska with you. It is not happening. There’s only one person ready for that cold and that is you. (Alaska = metaphor)

9. No drama. You are fully in control of doing everything or nothing at all. You have no one to consult and no toes to step on. How liberating is that? You are the mafia boss of your life and then some.

10. Home is where the comfortable toilet is. Give yourself space to miss the people and things that are close to your heart. Being away from loved ones creates a deeper appreciation of who we have in our lives. You come back to your home (whatever home means to you) with more love for your people, more appreciation, and more stories to tell their ears off. How comforting to know that wherever you go, there’s always a place that waits for you, and even better people waiting for you.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, and are planning on finally taking that vacation on your list of to do things. Don’t forget to subscribe so that you never miss a great post. 🙂

Have a lovely week.

  1. ???? ??‍♀️?????? Am soo here for this!!! Kinda reminds of Eat pray love!! And how she ate her pasta like with no reservations!!!! ??

    1. As in, that movie is the bible for solo-travel. Do share on the gram when you next take a solo-cation. 🙂

    1. AHHH…I look forward to seeing where you’ll be traveling next. Girl…live your best life. 🙂

  2. This is so beautiful. I’m planning to take a mini vacation though with a couple of friends. But these tips are still awesome. I love reading your posts.

    1. Please do take many pictures and tag me @breakthroughblog …I’d like to come along even from afar! Thank you for reading and have the best vacay!

  3. Is this creepy or what?! Been debating in mind whether to go out to lunch by myself or just stay in til I came across this post! Was worried I’d look sad or lonely or whatever to the masses, something that has always come to mind every time I think of going out by myself. Ha, not anymore! Let me get all dolled up for me and take me to lunch! Thanks for this ?

    1. Ah Melissa…this was so refreshing to read. Did you make it to your own date? I read somewhere that we shouldn’t care what people think about us because they are most probably worrying about what people will think about them. I hope your solo date was fun. 🙂

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