So Let It Be

…As it is in heaven
It is in me…
I’ve been singing this song, ‘as it is (in heaven)‘, Hillsong Worship
Tonight, I got a revelation, that whatever is in my life that isn’t aligned with what heaven has for me, will not be in my life no matter how much I push for it.
While I sing these words, and mean them… I see a shift in my life.
I’ve had to be brutal with the things that God has revealed to me, when He opens our eyes and speaks to us, ‘daughter, I’ve opened your eyes, can you see?… son, I’ve opened your eyes, can you see?‘ Friends, we better see, shine your eyes because what’s been revealed to us, what He shows us becomes our duty, our responsibility to sort out. While He continues to work on what we don’t see.
So when God reveals to us something in our lives that’s not aligned with heaven’s desires for us, it’s okay to let it go and let it be. No matter how much it hurts, no matter how much you want it, let it go. That space will be filled with so much better. Trust God.
…As it is in heaven, it is in me…
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