You sexy-little-cracker you

What does it mean to be sexy?

I think that’s highly subjective. To me sexy is simplicity,
sexy – to be sexy is as innocent as glowing skin
I think a lot of people are struggling with the idea of coming into womanhood or adult-womanhood.
  • How should I dress for my age?
  • What should I put on my face?
  • Is it time for anti-wrinkles?
  • Will the ovaries survive for 4 more years?
  • Who can contour my face?
  • And what does a girl have to do to get some curves?
I write this with my baby sister in mind although she’s not a baby anymore! She’s turning 18 in a few and I’m getting all sorts of anxiety! I legit need anxiety pills! ‘Why am I anxious?’, You ask. Have you seen her? She’s a dynamite!
This one is for all the beautiful girls in transition to womanhood or adult-womanhood.
A few quick tricks to find the sexy in you
1. Yes, you can pull off a sexy dress. It doesn’t matter what body shape or size you are, you just have to have a good friend whenever you go shopping.
2. Wit, humour, personality, authenticity will take you many places the shortest skirt on earth would never take you. The shortest skirt will definitely get you on a fast track BUT it will not sustain you there.
3. Confidence is sexy!
4. Presence… You know that person who walks into a room and everyone is aware of them? Find the MLK in you and bring it in full force.
5. Contouring the life out of your beautiful face is overrated (in my humble opinion). There are ways to enhance your natural beauty without being unrecognisable. Finding a good foundation is a good start.
6. Kindness never goes out of style.
7. Believing in yourself is so damn sexy!
8. Good thoughts mostly…will them if you have to.
9. Get some good sleep and drink water.
10. Working out…after one workout session my confidence is out of the roof! You can’t tell me nothing!
11. If you really have to e.g. it’s your last day on earth and, your wish is to post a revenge bod nudie or nude picture then by all means. BUT if you’re still breathing, remember that we now have 4 year olds on these platforms so put a bikini on that bod, thanks.
To my sister… Don’t forget you’re the most beautiful girl in this world, you radiate and shine effortlessly.
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