Opening our eyes to the small miracles

How many people out there feel like nothing is going your way? Things have not been going your way for quite sometime now and you’re just over it! You’re asking God this, ‘why do you show up for everyone else but me?’

Stop. Breathe.

Are you alive? Did you eat well last night? Do you have clothes on your back? Do you have a roof over your head?

I’ve talked about my morning struggle several times. How many of us set our alarms for 7am, and we have ALL the intention to wake up but find ourselves out of bed at 8:20am? Death to sleep!

This morning was not any different for me, same wake-up struggle, but here’s the difference in today’s morning. I had a bowl of cereal. I never have time to eat breakfast because I normally use those minutes to add to my sleep time. I had breakfast!

Immediately I left the house, my first bus was literally getting to my stop therefore I didn’t have to wait for ages. We met some unforeseen traffic and I slightly feared that I would miss my second connection. While I walked to my next stop, singing quietly because I didn’t want strangers to think that I am crazy yet all I wanted to do was break into dance on the street.

As I approached my second connection, the bus was right behind me and I thought that I wouldn’t make it. A lady was standing at the stop; I guess she could feel my panic because she nodded at me to assure me that she would halt the bus for me. She did.

I did make it on the bus, I did make it to work before opening time and I did have breakfast. My day has already been exceptional because God opened my eyes to the small miracles. If nothing awesome happens for the rest of Wednesday, I will still remain grateful for the three small good things that have already happened.

There are bigger things that we could probably allow to burden our little shoulders but what can you do about things that are out of your control?

Stop. Breathe.

Allow God to open your eyes to the small miracles, the blessings that are so obscure to the naked eye but are visible to the spiritual eyes, the eyes of your heart.

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