I absolutely love christmas santa arrangements and even better when it’s on a budget. Most of us are having office parties albeit smaller in 2020 because you know…COVID! I am just happy that we can try and make the best of what we are given. Honestly, with everything that’s happened this year, I am being intentional by doing the small things that spark happiness.

My tree is up, I need to buy more lights because this year we are definitely shining like dynamite (did you sing that?), and get some gifts under it. Life is so precious guys, and as long as we are alive, let’s have reason to celebrate the small and big things to the best of our individual abilities.

Without further ado, let’s get into this curated christmas list that has everything below UGX 50,000. These brands will not leave a dent in your wallet and they are sure to make you the best secret santa of 2020. Thank me later.

*Obviously my book Never Too Late To Bloom – UGX 50,000.

You can get this from Bold – Kisimenti, Eve and Nico – Garden City and online via Mahiri Books.

*OOOSHA – UGX 18,000.

First of all, this is aesthetically pleasing. Secondly, we can all use more soap. Thirdly, it smells really good. Fourthly it’s made in Uganda. I could go on and on about this soap. I am yet to find someone who doesn’t like this soap.

*Retro Chix – Various prices

I met the proprietor of this business and she reminded me of the value of in-person meetings. Brilliant lady, stylish and definitely someone who knows fashion. I just love seeing women running stuff and living out their dreams, it inspires me to level up.

Avad Apparel – UGX 10,000 – UGX 50,000

If this isn’t a steal, then I don’t know what is. If you have lots of friends and a massive family, just call these guys, ask for their inventory and go nuts shopping. The price is honestly such a steal and for the holiday season we must shop wisely because we still have rent to pay.

*Whipped Cakes – UGX 120,000

Okay, I lied. Not everything is below UGX 50,000 but I have a reason for including these guys on this list. I had their chocolate cake and it was a hit for my family. The chocolate cake wasn’t too sweet (you know those cakes filled with at least three packs of sugar you feel sick after eating them?) Yeah, Zeri has mastered that sugar balance and you won’t loath yourself after eating her cakes.

I know most families cut cake on Christmas day, and if that’s your tradition then I encourage you to give Zeri’s cakes a try.


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