Refresh your routine with facial toners.

Toners – The best thing you’ll ever use in your life.

Alright guys, let’s talk about facial toners. In case you missed the post about face serum, I implore you to read it right after this. You’ll be happy that you did.

What is a toner?
Dr. Hadley King, a New York City-based, board-certified dermatologist, refers to it as the secret weapon to healthy skin. It’s a liquid product that you apply to your skin after cleansing before applying a face serum or a face cream or moisturizer

A toner looks like water and acts like water but it’s not water. ‘It’s packed with so much more than hydrogen and oxygen. Depending on the toner, it also can contain acids, glycerin, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatories.’ Allure

It is a fast-absorbing liquid that provides skin with a quick hit of hydration and it helps remove some dead cells off the surface of the skin.

There are lots of different toners designed for our different skin types. Toners for acne, oil control, anti aging, dry skin and enlarged pores etc. Therefore you must select a toner based on your particular skin type or need. In the past, toners were specifically made for acne prone skins but things have changed and therefore we now have alcohol free toners.

Why tone?

“A toner’s function is to complete the cleansing of your skin—removing the dust, pollution, and impurities that can still be lingering after washing with a cleanser, as cleansers usually contain ingredients such as oil, which can leave a film on your face.” ITG

How and when to use a serum

Whenever you cleanse your face, no later than a minute slap on that toner. It penetrates best when skin is wet. Spray or pump the toner into your hands and tap it directly onto your face. I usually have a longer night routine in comparison to my morning routine but I use my toner twice a day. It has to be in my routine no matter how exhausted I might be some nights.

Picks by beauty experts

Joan at Eve & Nico Beauty gave us a list of 6 toners she recommends and if you’re new to this, I hope this will push you in the right direction. These tonerss are all available at Eve & Nico Beauty shop or on any online shop.

  • Body Shop Aloe Toner
  • Body Shop Vitamin E Toner
  • Neutrogena 3 in 1 Toner
  • Clean and Clear Toner for sensitive skin.
  • L’Oréal Hydrafresh Toner
  • Clinique Clarifying lotions 2,3 and 4.
  1. So I recently bought a toner then realised I had no idea how to use it or why….thanks for the post…now all we need is for you to post your amazing morning and night routine… #StalkerAlert 🙂

    1. Please update us with a picture of the results. Toners are clutch when used well. Lucky for us, they are such an easy use. Thanks for reading love.

  2. Girl I need to tone the heck out of my face. It’s a real struggle. My skin is super dry in the winter (I’m talking crocodile level dryness if a crocodile was chilling at the beach) and super oily in the summer. So I need something that’s “perennial”

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