Where to begin from? New year, new me? Nope.

For each new day we are given, we have a chance to be new in each day and therefore a fresh opportunity to create the life we want for ourselves.

We’ve all made lots of plans, some of us want to go back to school, others want to quit their jobs and do something they actually love. Maybe you want to ask that #mcm or #wcw out on a date, learn how to swim, eat better…listen, don’t be your own obstacle. Go ahead and do that thing that terrifies you, and do it to the best of your ability. What do you have to really lose?

Last year I had moments of uncertainty and moments of clarity and I don’t suppose this year is going to by any different in that regard because as long as we are alive, we have lots to learn. What I do want for you and encourage you to practice, is this, have compassion for yourself. You know why? Because this life is a first for each one of us, there’s no pro at life. 

For me, I have been pushing myself to actually enjoy the things I buy and if you know me, you know I am a Monica Geller in need of serious help. I usually buy things and the idea of using them pains me deeply because they just look too pretty for use. Therefore I keep them in their boxes for as long as I can. Touch, put back in box and repeat. Don’t breathe next to said item, don’t touch said item with dirty hands and all other ridiculous rules. What a tedious way to live, heh?

But I am intentionally pushing myself out of that stiffness and allowing myself and others to breathe a little. I am lighting up that luxurious candle without holding back, I am draping myself in perfume, I am allowing people to sit on my velvet couch (although I still do it with slight reluctance), I am allowing myself to enjoy the space I have created and by allowing myself to be a little unrestrained, I am letting others take pleasure and be comfortable in that space.

Therefore, my formula is simple. God at the center of it all. New year, evolving me – who is just trying to live a life that gives God glory, and from God I will get the guidance for everything else in my life.

My dear friends, I pray that good things will happen to you and through you. And that when sadness comes as is the way of life, may you know that everything passes, not only happiness but sadness too. May you find joy, may you feel loved and celebrated and most importantly may we all learn to celebrate others.



  1. I have very many moments of uncertainty and clarity. Up until last year, I called them anxiety issues. I now try to be more aware and name them better. It helps :). Also accepting that I have to allow myself to learn and unlearn a few things has given me peace of mind.

    1. Acceptance is such an important stage if we are to take on the different seasons of our lives. Thank you for being here. x

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