My current obsession

I was having a remarkably ordinary day at work. Waiting for the time to go by so that I could go home, curl up in my bed, and watch ‘the Fox’s summer’.
Standing opposite Ajumma’s (Korean for older womanstall, I looked aimlessly at her jewellery with no particular interest. I don’t care much for jewellery.  In fact, I wear the same studs for years until they beg to be replaced.
I see these random green earrings that seem misplaced, the only pair of its kind whispering the good ole song, ‘we are meant to be hanging on your ears.’
I make my way up to them. I lift up these impossibly gorgeous earrings right out of an era I crave for. And I instantly knew that I just had to have them. I was willing to leave a piece of my boob on the stand, just to get them.
From her chair, Ajumma looked at me lifting them up in the light as if they were my Simba. Me, thanking them for existing and allowing themselves to be made just for my ears.
Ajumma laughed.
“I surprised you pick those. I make them a long time ago when I live in Japan. Only those I have left. But you pick something not in style. These *she points at the acrylic earrings* everyone gets for your age.”
“I already got a pair of the acrylics but there’s something about these ones. They are speaking to me. I have nothing like these.”
Ajumma asked me to hand over the earrings to get them packed.
“30 years I have these. Very very old. You have unique eye, even things in your shop is good, is very unique too.”

Ps. The Ajumma is Korean. We are friends and we both don’t know each other’s names. Actually we both keep forgetting the names but we are above catching feelings.
May you have little extraordinary things happen in your ordinary days.
And thats a wrap on October. Heh?
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