Modern Women Need to Invest in these 5 things.

25 and above? Full time job? Just moved into your first rental? Have a child or children? This is for you. The older I get, the more I realize that there’s no time to waste. This morning I listened in to a conversation between two women over 60. They talked about body aches, surgeries, loneliness and nursing homes. No, it wasn’t a sunny conversation. One of the women said this to me, ‘you know? you young people think you’ll never grow old. You think you’re invisible. Do all the things when you still got that body.’ Well…happy hump day to me.

We won’t escape aging. No one will. But on our journey we can invest in these five things to help us grow, feel great and, use our time effectively.

Invest in Yourself

Pic: Lamic Kirabo

You will always be your biggest investment. Do you love yourself? Do you believe in your abilities? Do you want to see yourself grow? It is of the at most importance that you curve out time for yourself. This time is selfishly yours for your personal developments and most importantly for your sanity. What should you do with this scheduled you-time?

  • Read some books, read some magazines.
  • Pray, read your bible, get some spiritual nourishment.
  • That blog you wanted to start, use that time to plan it out.
  • That thing you wanted to invest in, find out more details about it.
  • That friend you have not had time to talk to in ages, call them up or meet up with them.
  • Take a random walk or drive around your city to free your mind.
  • find out how you really are feeling about things in your life.

This is your time, and you can do whatever it is you want to do. This time should be intentional, you, you, and more you. When we take some time off even (20 minutes) to make sure we are doing well, how we interact with other people gets better because we have heightened levels of self awareness and in turn are more accommodating towards others.

Invest in your closet

Pic: Pinterest

I am a firm believer in quality over quantity. I used to think I was a foolish shopper but the clothes I bought from Club Monaco (although it hurt my pockets then) have lasted longer than those I got from some stores. Pay attention to fabric. In the long run it will save you a lot of money. Save your money and put it towards a great wardrobe piece that you’ll wear often and that will not suffer from overuse. Some pieces to invest in include but not limited to;

  • White shirt, the kind that looks like it was hand washed and ironed from heaven.
  • pair of fitted trousers – these will get banks to give you loans at a glance.
  • blazer especially the kind that could do both casual and business.
  • handbag, leather is always a good choice (if you’re in Kampala, Cara designers’ collection on 2nd floor near minis will do you well )
  • a dress that makes your ex curl up in foetal position and weep through the entire night.

Invest in your health and fitness

Pic: Nautilus plus

This is huge guys. You need your heart to function well and your body to thank you later for all those lunges you did. Exercise is good for your mind and helps to relieve stress. Pay attention to the foods you eat. If you generally do not like working out, find something easy that your body can do such as speed walking with a snack, speed walking with a friend. Just get your body to remain active. I know gyms can be expensive therefore I recommend getting familiar with the great outdoors.

Invest in your bed

Pic: design for shabby chic

I know, you didn’t expect this to make it to the list but sleep is essential. When you get a good sleep, it increases your productivity. What do you need to do? Get good beddings. Change your bedsheets mid-week or weekly, you’d be surprised what clean sheets could do for you.

What if you have trouble falling asleep? There’s a lot of remedies on the market to help put you to sleep. I found this company that promises you to wake up with a glow the next morning. There are mood lights, oils, pillow sprays that you can look into. For severe sleep issues, it is best to see a doctor on that. You need to be mentally strong to achieve the goals you set out for yourself.

Invest in your future

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You don’t want to get to 80 years and still have to cloak in daily. It honestly sounds painful. You also don’t want to be living at the mercy of your government or children. You want to be as free as a bird, taking trips to Cuba or swinging in a hammock. Save money, don’t waste all you money that you’ve spent your good years earning on frivolous things. Sometimes we must suffer a little by foregoing all the wonderful things we want to do or have in order to live comfortably later. That is what we call the good suffering. The pain is less in comparison to the great joy ahead. Now ladies, if you are terrible at savings and you really think it’s an impossible task, then get married to someone who is good at it. And, if you’re not planning on getting married, let’s start with cutting those credit cards. How’s that?

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