Midday Baby Midday

We had colour conference this past weekend. Colour is a gathering for women that seeks to place value on women and equip us daughters of God with strength and inspiration to go into our worlds and not only conquer but flourish in our every day life.

Now, there’s a lot going on in this world. A lot! And most of us feel helpless because our little selves can’t do anything. We are not governments, we don’t have the ‘big’ surnames, we lack connections, and we don’t have tools to house refugees, feed those in dire poverty and rescue those caught up in senseless conflict.

What if there was something you could do daily?

As a global sisterhood, we are doing this thing where we set our alarms for midday.

There’s so much to pray for in this world of absolute hopelessness.

Pastor Bobbie told us the reason why she chose midday is in tribute to this 12yr old girl who was raped in Syria and this was justified as honor rape by the perpetrators.

Thing is, it’s not just that one girl, it’s the story of that one girl that managed to come out but there are thousands of girls, women and, men everywhere going through this and wondering in that entire process of being raped, abused, used, abandoned whether someone is even thinking of them.

With that in mind, we are joining hearts and are taking that minute or five to think of people who are going through a myriad of adversities.

This is what we do at midday, we take our eyes off ourselves and get our prayers focused on a certain part of the world, need, injustice (whatever you feel like God needs to intervene in) and we put all those prayers on God’s heart. Prayer does work and if millions of alarms go off at midday can you imagine how much change is coming?

Something profound is about to happen and it starts with each one of us playing our small part and being faithful in it. Wherever you are, set your alarm to midday your time-zone, and let’s do our part.

The hashtag created by pastor Bobbie for this is #middaybabymidday

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