Personally I don’t think we should wait for people to give us our roses. The same way I think we should not keep our best clothes for certain occasions. If you’re alive, then it’s an occasion worth celebrating. Buy your flowers, wear your shoes, drink champagne on a Tuesday with a burger.

Here’s the thing, I never thought of myself as a flowers person but all the evidence proves that I am indeed drawn to flowers. I like receiving flowers, I like giving them out, I like how they brighten my office desk. I like how they photograph. I mean…I’m really into deep.

I also discovered that I have a type. Yes, things get even more intimate. My ideal type is wild and messy. I don’t care for the pretty kinds at all. I don’t even like roses. Who hurt me? And then came along Elsie who made me a mixed bouquet of roses and some wild types and, later that day I faced myself in the mirror and asked myself, “Why are you sending yourself mixed messages?” Elsie had found the perfect balance between pretty and wild and suddenly all I was talking about were how full her rose petals are. 

Elsie (instagram: @saras_garden_) nails your mood to perfection when you place your flower order. Whatever you describe to her, know that she’s going to ace it and then some. Her floral arrangements are so personal, so detailed and extremely pretty. You can literally see her heart in every box, and as far as I’m concerned, she has all my money. I am hooked.

Did you know that the best thing to do for yourself when you’re feeling uninspired is to treat yourself? Treating yourself works like magic. When I’m feeling low, exhausted or uninspired, I tend to indulge in something that sparks joy for me. Yes, I just KonMari-ed you. But a little miso soup, a little visit to the book store, a huge slice sorry I mean box of pizza, and the occasional box of flowers will spark joy for me.

I think people would be less angry if they did more of the things that lift their moods. Don’t you think?

Therefore, if you’re reading this today, buy yourself some flowers or whatever else sparks joy for you and celebrate your beautiful existence.

  1. This made me smile. The simple things in life are so underrated. Thank you for reminding us to celebrate ourselves and to dive deeper into the simple things that make us happier that we sometimes neglect.

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