4 Easy Read Lifestyle Books For your Coffee Table

You’re not a reader. You don’t like books, and let’s not even go there…self-help books, those are your worst kind. You want to improve your life but you don’t want some book filled with so many words. Here are some great easy reading books to get your social life and work life from 56% to 100% in only a flip of a page.

Capture Your Style – Aimee Song

Pic via Esmesha Campbell

I bought this book because I wanted a really ‘me’ instagram feed. Also as the brand manger of our business, it was important for me to engage and get familiar with instagram. What makes some feeds standout from others? I want our business to thrive socially and get the proper engagements we are looking for. This book isn’t just pretty, it’s simple, clean, fresh and you know what else? It makes for great coffee table books. You will not regret it.

How to be a Bawse – Lilly Singh

Okay, if you don’t love this girl then I don’t know what went wrong in your life. She appeals to toddlers, teens, youths, oldies. EVERY SINGLE PERSON! Have you seen how many you-tube subscribers she’s got? You know what I love about Lilly? Her ability to dream and dream big and dream recklessly and achieving those dreams. Remember all the videos she made professing her love for ‘The Rock’? Girl done went ahead and spoke it into existence and she’s now bffs with ‘The Rock’. If you don’t believe me, go scroll through her instagram feed. What’s holding you back from dreaming?

The Can’t Cook Book – Jessica Seinfeld

There are people who love to cook, and there are people who love to clean. I am in the latter category. For years I tried to awaken my inner Martha Stewart but to very little success until I found this book. Suddenly, I took such great interest in the kitchen area. This is a book for people who want simple, quick, I can pass for a junior chef meals. French toast, Sautéed mushrooms, chicken over a brick, pancakes etc. This book will have your guests thinking that you’ve got your life together.

Simply Paradise: Tropical Gardening Plants – Winifred Rukidi

I bet you’re thinking to yourself, why in the world did I get a gardening book? This book is written by my dear friend’s mum and it is beautiful inside. Honestly, I got this book to support my friend because I don’t have a garden BUT then I flipped those pages and I was like ‘yaaasssss tropical plants, come all the way through.’ Afterwards, I spent about an hour searching for ‘homes for sale’ just so I could recreate the creeping flowers on the walls. This book not only makes for great coffee table books but it is the perfect gift for people who are really into their gardens or moving into that direction. Oh and the best part is that the author is Ugandan. How can we not support our own? Available in any Aristoc bookshop in Kampala, Uganda.

Alright guys, I hope you enjoyed this list of easy books. Do you have any simple books you’ve loved and would like to recommend to me?

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