5 Life hacks to ease your life

We go through life and sometimes we find ourselves stressing about the little things. I have good news for you. Those little stress inducing things can be dealt with easily and you can save your energy for the big things. Here’s a list of 5 life hacks curated with you in mind.

1. You have a fish’s memory. So do I. You simply cannot remember a person’s name to save your life. It’s not that it’s not important for you to remember, and you do feel terrible and this issue has placed you in some awkward social interactions. I know that you have the desire to be intentional about names and I have found a little trick that I use to remember names.

Associate the person’s name with something that will help you remember. I recently made a new friend. We exchanged names and I forgot her name under 1 minute. I felt terrible and avoided her the entire day. I finally asked around and got her name. Andrea like Andrea Bocelli (the man who will sing at my children’s christening). Ben like Affleck, Carol like I’m looking for Carol. Associate a name with something you know, like, or something in your long term memory. Et voilà.

2. So you met a professional and exchanged business cards. You know that you know beyond doubt that card won’t last a week in your wallet. It won’t survive the washer in that back pocket. What do you do? Who you gonna call? Not the ghost busters of course! You are going to whip out your mobile phone, and you’re going to take a picture of that business card and after that, you’re going to have one less care in the world. You will not be part of the card losers league and you’re well up on your way to be a champion in your life.

3. Alright, you’ve got a new lipstick. You can’t wait to show it off. But you’ve suffered in the past with lipstick stains on your teeth. It is uncomfortable. In the past, you had to keep licking your teeth and using your tongue to wipe the lipstick stain while a friend confirmed if the stain was gone. I learnt this trick when I was 14 watching a fashion channel. After you wear your lipstick, suck your index finger once or twice and gently remove it from your mouth. The lip color on your inner lip is now on your finger. Go ahead and smile your day or night away.

4. Traveling with ordinary looking bags and conveyer belt problems? There will always be a black bag, blue bag, brown bag. It is a travel fact. Therefore how do you identify your ordinary bags from 800 other bags? I’m glad you asked. Get a ribbon or a scarf, and tie it to your luggage. You just saved someone from going home with the wrong bag. Not all heroes wear capes.

5. For all my sensitive stomach people, this one is for us. Have you noticed that stomachs tend to misbehave in the most inconvenient settings? You’re just there minding your own business and your stomach is like, ‘nah! You gon’ mind my b’ness.’ Before you eat anything you have reservations about, make sure there’s wine. Drink a little wine with ‘dangerous’ foods and your stomach will behave for the most part. This is highly recommend on flights.

Do you have some life hacks you’d like to share with us? Help us explore what we have been missing. Don’t holdout on us.

  1. I have had my share of struggles with lipstick stained teeth. Now I know what to do. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Definitely life hacks!!!! ????
    And the business card thing guess what there’s an app!!! But for the love of me I don’t remember the name ?? #fishmemory!!

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