Kampala, Dubai and Lessons

Three weeks in Kampala can do a lot for a girl. I came back with 1 pimple, but I didn’t make a fuss because I had a wonderful time at home. A good attitude can change a lot and that’s been my biggest lesson this past month. Sleepless in Jersey, I decided not to waste any more time and get this post up before the busy life kicks in.

  • After I used my 1hr complimentary wifi at Dubai Airport, I was left feeling like I had a 1000 years to my departure instead of the 4hrs. Looking forward to my 13 and some minutes hour flight to New York (positive energy on 100%), I thought I would share some of the teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov (a book Tony my Harvard-Columbia friend gave me. I just shamelessly Ivy league dropped, therefore this could change your life)

PART I: Living in tune

  1. Know! A person walks in life on a very narrow bridge. The most important thing is not to be afraid. (LM11:48)
  2. There’s nothing very mysterious about free will. You do what you want to do, and you don’t do what you don’t want to do. (LM 11:110)
  3. Learn to wait. If despite all your determined efforts you cannot seem to reach your goals, be patient. Between acceptance and anxiety, choose acceptance. (Tz. #431)
  4. All beginnings require that you unlock new doors. The key is giving and doing. Give charity and do kindness. (LM 11:4)
  5. You are wherever your thoughts are. Make sure your thoughts are where you want to be. (LM 1:21)
  6. Is there something you really want or something you wish would happen? Focus every ounce of your concentration on that thing or event. Visualise it in fine detail. If your desire is strong enough and your concentration intense enough, you can make it come true. (RNW #62)
  7. Be forewarned: Man and money cannot remain together forever. Either the money is taken from the man, or the man is taken from the money. (RNW #51)
  8. Become the kind of person who makes fulfilling physical needs a spiritual experience. Some people eat to have strength to study the word of God. Others, the more spiritually aware, study the Word of God in order to know how to eat.
  • Whenever possible avoid eating in a hurry. Even at home, don’t gobble up your food. Eating is an act of holiness. It requires full presence of mind. (Tz #515)
  1. Answer insult with silence. When someone hurts you, do not answer in kind. You will then be worthy of genuine honour-honour that is inner honour, honour from above. (LM 1:6)
  2. If you remember this the next time you meet someone who makes you uncomfortable, instead of heading for the nearest exit, you’ll find ways for the two of you to get along. (Ad. P.258)
  3. Be like God and don’t look for people’s shortcomings and weak points. You will then be at peace with everyone. (Ad. P.258)
  4. It’s easy to criticize others and make them feel unwanted. Anyone can do it. What takes effort and skill is picking them up and making them feel good. (NT #31)
  5. The architect of the world never does the same thing twice. Every day is an entirely new creation. Take as much as you can from what each new day has to offer. (LH 1:123d)
  6. Work on having only positive thoughts. It will do wonders for your mind. (LM 1:21)
  7. Each day has its own set of thoughts, words and deeds, live in tune. (LM 1:54)

The year is almost coming to an end and doing a few of these things has changed some aspects of my life. Living in tune has significantly helped me see past some challenges and focus my energy on positive outcomes. I have fought hard to maintain a balance in my life, to continually choose to live happily and freely even in moments that are not happy. God rewards our determination to live better lives, so let’s keep on keeping on.


  1. Great post Evelyn! *swooon* summer reading list must have! What’s the full book title?

    Woe unto that pimple oh!!

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