Must 5 Cafes/Restaurants you should visit in Kampala

I am not the adventurous type. I like routine. I like certainty. I am not dangerous. I am that girl they never sing about in music videos…’shawwwty so dangerous…’ I just think that when you find something, and it works for you, and, it’s comfortable you’re legit winning. Yes yes yes…what a snoresville! But I have been told that being self aware is sexy therefore that makes me a sexy-snore-bore.

Kardamom & Koffee

Rossini and Deepa are the sweetest people. I found this place many years before it became quite popular and I just loved everything about it. The proximity to my home, the books, the teas, the proprietors, the decor and all round pleasant vibes. Rossini and Deepa have such great taste. Kardamom & Koffee is just the kind of place one goes to to feel good about life. Truly, it’s a little hidden treasure.

Address: Plot 4, K.A.R. Rd, Kampala.


I mean, who isn’t obsessed with East Asian food? This restaurant is such a typical me restaurant. I can’t tire of Japanese or Korean food. Ambience is such a huge element for me when picking places. (As if you’ll eat the ambience?) I know you’re saying that but ambience can make or break a place for me. Izumi gives both ambience and great food, therefore you’ll go to your bed a happy person. If you’re all about ambience, please do yourself a favor and go enjoy nice things.

Address: Plot 38, Upper Kololo Terrace, Kampala.

Khana Khazana

Funny this Indian Cuisine restaurant made it to this list. I don’t like Indian food. It’s just too heavy for me. I went to this place thinking that I was going to order chips and chicken but I was pleasantly surprised. There’s this stuffed chicken I had, and to this day, I still have thoughts about it. I guess if you don’t know much about Indian cuisine it’s best to go to such restaurants with someone who knows their food to get the great experience. The service was also great and oh hey, it photographs beautifully. The gram life is real, don’t judge.

Address: Plot 20, Acacia Avenue, Kampala.

La Cabana

SUPER FAST WIFI? Yes please. I am here for the cream of mushroom soup. I just like this place. If you like your meat, like you really like your meat, like f’real meat is the love of your life, then thank me later. Plus who doesn’t love an open kitchen?

Address: Speke apartments, Wampewo Ave, Kampala.


But have you eaten the beignets at Karveli? It is pastry heaven. Everything I like, cakes, macarons, ice cream in one place! Why oh why would one deny oneself from experiencing such sweet sweet loving?

Address: Lumumba Ave, Kampala.

I’d like to check out some new places when my spontaneity bones wake up, do you have any places you’d like to recommend?

  1. il Patio. For the Italian food lovers. Ambience is to die for. Especially at night. ?

    Location: Kisozi Close, Kyagwe Road, next to Mayfair Casino.

  2. Kardamom & Koffee – How’s the wifi??? I’m looking for a great spot to finish my research paper….

    1. it is perfect except for Saturday, I believe Saturday is no wifi day so people can be present in their day.

      1. Thanks for the recommendation, OMG I loved the place. I met the owner and he was like you need to go over soon …. I showed him the blog and mentioned its the reason why I found his awesome cafe…. hidden treasure in Kampala…. <3

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