6 things to do that will make you excellent

I’ve never met Sam Smith but I physically miss him. Like I miss our friendship and our singing sessions. Please, I do not need help. Okay, may be just a little.

..So sing with me
Can’t you see
I don’t have
Money on my mind
Money on my mind
I do it for, I do it for the love..

I know we missed a post last week, but how about two this week? I have had the busiest two weeks in my life. I’ve had tears in my eyes the kind that won’t just fall and let you be. I had all these small cuts that sting only under water. Sleep has indeed been a thing of the past. These two weeks and some have been the perfect paradox. Extremely gratifying and extremely exhausting, but worth every sweat and undropped tear.

I’ve been reading this book in between the mayhem by my new friend (who by the way, I’m gonna have tea with next week) she’s incredibly gifted. Her sense of style is impeccable, the interiors of her houses are a decor lover’s dream. She’s that person you just want to be friends with simply because she’s excellent. She’s worked with established brands as a life coach, I am talking Martha Stewart, The Gap etc. Guys, I am in things and so are you by association.

Here are a few things that her book emphasises (you need the book? Amazon is your friend) and like all good friends, I couldn’t bear leaving you in the dark.

6 Easy things to do to live excellent lives.

  • Don’t sleep walk through your life. Aka don’t live a basic life just getting by. Whatever you do, be present.
  • Look people in the eyes when talking to them. The eyes say a lot.
  • Dress well, it is good manners. Guys… let’s talk about people who dress well. MY GOODNESS! My heart is racing at the thought of a well dressed person! What a turn on! Yeah?
  • Write thank you notes. Yes, like handwritten notes. Even when a job has rejected you, write and thank them for presenting the opportunity. You just never know, they could fire the new hire in a week and hire you instead.
  • Be an incurable optimist. You might get laughed at, but hey, isn’t it better to live life looking at the glass half full?
  • Go on you-dates. Get to know yourself. Make it a routine. You are your biggest investment. Don’t be shy. Most often people aren’t looking at you dining by yourself. No one is throwing a pity party for you. You know why? Because most people are too engrossed in their worlds. Discovering yourself is probably the most exciting thing that will ever happen to you on this side of eternity.

Friends, I do wish you a fantastic week. May good things happen to you and through you. May you take dominion of your spheres and live an expectant life.

Until some time this week…ciao.


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