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Most times we write about stuff that we’ve already overcome but we don’t usually share the stuff that’s happening to us NOW, in the present. We are too afraid that if we do share our struggles in the present, no one will understand us, or for some of us with pride issues, we don’t want the pity.

This is my heart’s current struggle. Knowing fully well God’s promise for my life and not seeing it materialize immediately. I am impatient for it. Some days I get so faithless and I tell God, ‘My Friend today I am not even praying am just going to sleep’ and even then I know that’s not going to work out for me because personally I need Jesus like I need life.

On some other days, He shows me something to remind me that He is working ALL things for my own good and hope is revived in my soul. I get so hopeful it’s almost tangible. And then faithless and then hopeful and then faithless and then hopeful and then I get tired of being a spiritual yoyo.

You never want to have a dull spiritual journey; you always want God to show you what to deal with in your life, that’s how one attains spiritual maturity. It’s quite the process. Right now in my life God is dealing with my faith. We are building that faith muscle and let me be candid with you; it is hard work to believe with your whole anatomy that something is going to happen with no evidence showing how this shall come about.

My dear friend, the good news is we won’t be yoyos for long if we press in and continue on whatever journey God has placed you on. Your reward is just around the corner if you don’t quit and, we won’t quit. Stick with God even when it doesn’t make sense, even when you want to give up, even when whatever you’re hoping for doesn’t come to you; let’s resolve to stick with God. It’s much better staying in God’s inner squad even in the tough seasons of your life in comparison to giving up and choosing a life of eternal hopelessness.

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