Girls Education: Why we need each one of us


I’ve had moments where I have wanted to quit on them. Where I’ve wanted to quit on our team. Where I have wanted to quit on our vision. Why? Because sometimes one feels there’s nothing left to give. There’s no time to do what we want to do.

I’d go back and forth with all the reasons to quit and not quit. BUT and this is a big but, every time I have gone through that process, I have also gone through the pictures we’ve taken in the past, pictures capturing moments where one of us on the team echoed words such as, ‘don’t give up. We aren’t going to give up on you.’ These words gave these children hope, that some crazy girls out there dared to dream to help them also dream wildly despite of their past or present circumstances.

Words like ‘if you have a dream, believe in yourself, work hard, and most importantly keep believing in yourself.’
I find myself unable to dream some days, even some months. I tell myself, what else can you possibly do?

And then I see these pictures of smiling kids, playing, laughing, hugging. A memory of a hug that jump starts our hearts on the days we are hurting inside, reminding us that we gave our word. We gave our word. A child is hanging on to every word we said.

Perhaps this is a new day, a fresh start, another day not to give up. Day of the girl child is a much needed reminder of where we stand as humans, as women, as girls.
Read this lovely letter from Christine that I hope will get you to join us on this journey.

What can you do?
You can join Girl-EmEd on this journey.
*To support the vision of Girl-Emed we ask that you consider making a monthly pledge of 20,000 UGX to help us reach more schools and therefore have more girls and boys access quality education.

Contact: Vanessa -via twitter or instagram @v_sees_you

*Sponsor a child and give them the security they need. They won’t have to worry about missing school because they don’t have tuition. You get to ease a child’s mind.

Contact: Ms. Agnes – +256-788-738-259

Your contribution monthly, or annually could be everything to a child but most importantly your contribution continues to build the future of our country.

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