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For the remaining half of the year let’s not get timid with our dreams. Every day we wake up is a new opportunity to transform ourselves, to do better, to want better and to challenge ourselves to live the life we have envisioned.

Are you feeling a little left behind on your dreams for this year? Here are four little things you can do to catch up.

  1. Attend an event where you’ll be inspired by the dreams and success stories of others. Check out Pearls for her and swap and talk
  2. Make your bed in the morning. I always tell myself that, ‘the little things make the big things.’
  3. Read up on the latest trends and inventions in your field of work.
  4. Plan your finances. It’s never too late to start.

Let’s catch up

I have missed this blog so much! It felt like a lifetime but it’s only been three months. I am extremely glad to be back in my happy writing place. These past three months have been some of the best broke months of my life. I have been celebrated and shown so much love. I have eaten up a storm. I have danced my toes red. I have been part of an exciting interior decor project, I have travelled to new places and I have an actual home where adulting is in full bloom. I feel like I have lived two years in just a few months and I can honestly say God has showed up and showed off in the only way only God does.

I am looking forward to sharing with you the must read books, must travel to places, what and who’s inspiring me at the moment and, new beauty routines that I hope will be of great help and use to you.


  1. Welcome back Evelyn. Hopefully you will be sharing all the experiences you’ve been robbing us from. ie how to plan a whole wedding and the interior design project. Lol

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