Four easy hair tricks that will enable your hair to grow healthier and longer

June 2017, I cut my hair short. I actually didn’t intend for the cut to be so short but the hair stylist assumed that it was summer and I needed a different look. Listen, if you walk into a salon with a vision and then leave without seeing the results it’s most often a black woman’s nightmare! Why? Because our hair doesn’t grow at the speed of lightning. Once the stylist was done, she handed me the mirror and in that moment I fell to my mind knees and screamed, ‘whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy’. I realised that I couldn’t do the bun.

November 2018, my hair is back to the length that I desire. The kind of length that is perfect for the ultimate lazy hair girl. The I don’t care if I comb length because I’ll bun it up length.

My sisters and I have different hair textures but we follow the same hair-care routine taught to us by our mother and the results speak for themselves.

1. Invest in a good treatment.

I don’t care if I am living in America or in Uganda, I make it a point to carry my own hair products to the salon. After all, who knows your hair type better than you? I live by Mizani hair treatment. Oh My Life! This treatment saved my hair when I was at university because salons were so expensive and I didn’t have that luxury. Eve & Nico is the distributor of Mizani in Uganda (I promise, this isn’t a shameless plug) but if you’re going to spend money, spend it where the quality is assured.

I also use other treatments according to what my hair feels like, some days it is in need of intense hydration, other days I need something to detangle, and you’ll find in my salon bag at least 4 treatments. I clearly take hair very seriously.

Treatments we live by

  • Mizani Moisturefuse – so good for dry hair
  • Mizani Kerafuse – this is so good for weak hair
  • John Masters Conditioner for Dry Hair with Lavender & Avocado – this is a miracle in a bottle, easy detangling

2. Washing technique

Chris at Trends salon, Garden city and Meddie at Revive, opposite Kampala Boulevard are some people I can trust with my hair. While washing, they use techniques that don’t tangle your hair because we all know it is HELL trying to untangle hair. If it can be avoided, by all means avoid it. How you wash your hair determines how much hair you will lose when it comes to detangling. DO NOT WASH IN CIRCLES.

3. Braiding and weaving

Personally I love the idea of braids, but when it comes to getting them out, I am borderline monstrous. I have aggressively taken braiding with extensions out of my system and only use my hair to do some simple cornrow styles. In fact, the other day I cut the braid from the root, thankfully that damage is in a place where it is nicely covered up. When it comes to braids, help your hairline by not tying them too tightly. Yes, they look so cute up in that big bun but friend, that hairline is going to cost you. What do you need if your hairline has packed bags and has gone?

  • T444Z – the queen of all hair loss issues
  • Shea moisture’s Strengthen & Restore Edge treatment will bring your edges back to life and back to reality.
  • Organic Hair Energizer is perfect for thinning hair. Mix the hair booster serum with the root and scalp tonic and you’d have done a lot for your hair.

You can save the hairline. We believe in you.

4. Shampoo that will have you singing ballads in the bathroom

Not every shampoo is made for black people hair. It is what it is. Therefore, just because shampoo smells like you’ve been running through a strawberry field is attractive, it might not do much for your hair. My hair type requires that I use weightless shampoo because I have thick hair, while someone else will need thickening shampoo. You have to find what works for you.

  • Mizani – I know I have talked about Mizani like I am getting paid. I am not. But this brand knows what it is doing! Not only is it made with us in mind, it has such a wide range. Who doesn’t love options? It has shampoo for coily, curls, and wavy hair, has shampoo for damaged and weak hair…I could live here telling you all the goodness that is Mizani.
  • T444Z – The redeemer of all hair gone wrong. Honestly, if you feel like you have come to your hair’s end and you do not know how to revive it, look no further. I dare you to give T444Z a chance and see the results for yourself.

All the products mentioned are available at all Eve & Nico Beauty branches at Pioneer mall, Garden City, Crane plaza, Kisimenti and Acacai mall. Now this is a shameless plug! 🙂

Tip: One challenge that many people face is inconsistency with products. When it comes to beauty and hair, consistency is vital, you can’t go through products without giving them time to work. It isn’t tinder! You have to invest time in products. My suggestion is give products 12 – 24 months for results unless of course if you get a reaction from using that product.


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  1. I love love your mane. It’s gorgeous. I have been meaning to try Mizani for some time. I have also stocked up on Design Essentials Natural Hair line; Almond and Avocado and yes Shea Moisture is one of my holy grails.

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