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“If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” Ronald Dahl

How do I know the ever so lovely Fay? I went to school with Fay. She was that girl you hoped to be friends with. I remember being in ‘O’ level and thinking to myself, ‘When I get to ‘A’ level, will I be able to be as graceful as Fay?’.

Fay is beautiful. She’s got this inner beauty that shines through and Ronald Dahl’s ‘good thoughts’ quote is what comes to mind when I think of Fay.

April being a travel month, it is timely for an interview with Fay. She’s a travel blogger with the desire to explore and travel the world and, an all round phenomenal human. I hope you’ll find some inspiration  from this interview to go after what you love with all your heart, and may good thoughts shine out of your face.


  • Fay, tell us about yourself?

I’m a beautiful, intelligent and highly favored child of God. I’m a Marketer by profession working with Fireworks Advertising, Uganda. I am a Ugandan. I’m also a part time travel writer and blogger running the platform www.khukyenda.com

  • What’s the meaning of Khukyenda?

Khukyenda means “travel” in my mother tongue, Lugisu. It’s pronounced who-chen-dah

  • What inspired you to start a travel blog?

I’m inspired by a strong desire to see more of the world (aka. Wanderlust) as well as a passion for jotting down my thoughts and ideas. These two passions merged together and Khukyenda was born. When I started, I didn’t know how long I would do it for or what it would lead to. Starting the blog, opened up so much opportunity for me to continue exploring myself. If anyone reading this has an idea to do or start something – go ahead and do it.

  • Which two places have you been to that have left a lasting impression and you’d recommend travel lovers to check out?

The first one would be Diani beach, Mombasa. If anyone out there loves some white sand and some blue sea, Diani is the place to be (rhyming alert!). It’s also after my trip to Diani in 2016 that I decided to start the blog.

Second, Cape Town because of how beautiful and picturesque the entire city is. I was there for a few days in 2015 and I would LOVE to go back.

  • Do you have a bucket list? If so, what’s on it?

I definitely have a bucket list filled with all sorts of things. For the sake of this interview, I’ll stick to travel and places I want to go to in the near future:

  1. Europe – I want to tour Europe particularly France, Italy and Greece
  2. Thailand – I’m awe stuck by the pictures I see on Instagram of the Phi Phi Islands
  3. Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi – I don’t know WHY I haven’t done this yet…

  • What has travel taught you?

To believe in myself. To stretch myself and to seek growth. Travel has taught me that there is so much to learn about the world around me and about myself – I’ve discovered that many times as humans we are so quick to define ourselves, who we are, what we like and what we don’t like etc. Travel has made me aware of the fact that I am constantly in a state of evolution and now every day, I’m open and I look forward to discovering the newest version of myself that has emerged.

  • We live in a time where one gets paid to do what the love. What advice do you have for people who want to venture into full time travel bloggers and how can they get sponsorship etc.?

I definitely believe that one’s best life involves doing what one loves and turning it into profit. First, I’d say just do it – get started.

Second, look out for ways in which you can exchange value for profit. For example, if you’re a travel blogger and looking for sponsorship then focus on what you are giving in exchange for that. Put yourself in the potential sponsor’s shoes and package an offer that will add value – this could include brilliant photography that they can use on their own website and social media, excellent writing, social media engagement if they are wanting in that area etc. Stay creative and also, stay bold.

  • What is your mantra?

My father is the king of kings. It literally reminds me that I can have whatsoever I so desire.

  • 3 life lessons you want to leave us with.
  1. Live in the very moment that you’re in (aka the present)
  2. Never pass up an opportunity to express love and kindness
  3. Accept people and situations for who and what they are – PS: you can’t change people, you can only love them

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