The Love List

Secret Santa Gift Ideas Below UGX 50,000

I absolutely love christmas santa arrangements and even better when it’s on a budget. Most of us are having office parties albeit smaller in 2020 because you know…COVID! I am just happy…

Are You Putting Yourself Out There?

Let nothing be wasted. Especially your efforts. (Take time to meditate on this) Now that my book is out and about let me confess to you this, ‘I had no idea how…

The Luxury Bath And Body Products For Your At Home Spa

You know what I miss? Walking the cobblestone streets of SoHo, New York in the Summer. I find this particular neighborhood enchanting.  SoHo’s designer boutiques, high-end restaurants, fancy chain stores, high-end art…

Currently on my Office Playlist

I have found out that the best way for me to remain laser focussed at work is to plug my earphones in and press play. With music in, I forget about the…

Love List : Elsie’s Flowers

Personally I don’t think we should wait for people to give us our roses. The same way I think we should not keep our best clothes for certain occasions. If you’re alive,…


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