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Why I Left My Job in the Middle of a Pandemic

Starting Over…Yet Again As I write this from my work computer, I have just submitted my two week notice of leaving my job. A job I prayed for for years. A job…

Modern Women Need to Invest in these 5 things.

25 and above? Full time job? Just moved into your first rental? Have a child or children? This is for you. The older I get, the more I realize that there’s no…

4 Apps to use to organize your life.

This year, I am really about organizing my life, prioritizing and saving money. We are never without our mobile phones, right? We use our phones for almost everything now. It’s incredible! To…

The busy under 30s guide to a life of minimal stress

Wrote this while thinking of listening to Never too much – Luther Vandross   If you don’t have a social life and probably don’t care to have one, this one’s for you.…

Work-Ation – Beverly Hills

This trip could not have come at a better time. I was a walking zombie, literally! I had been exhausted physically and, mentally and I desperately needed some sunshine. Eve & Nico…


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