Blogger/Influencer Series: Meet Martha & Fiona

Alright guys, I wanted to change things up for the last half of the year with the interviews. I am starting this new series of interviews where different bloggers interview each other for my blog. Two bloggers ask each other 5 questions about anything and everything. I think this will be great for readers looking for new inspiring, cool people to follow on the gram or who knows…maybe create partnerships with some of these awesome ladies? Yes?

We have Fiona and Keezire to start this off. Fiona is a natural hair blogger with natural hair styling tips for days and Keezire is all about travel especially starting in your home and then the rest of Africa. I hope you will enjoy this quick & fun interview.

Fiona & Keezire

Fiona: What’s your favourite place?
Keezire: Uganda is my favourite place because of it’s untapped potential and there are personal spaces I can speak passionately about that many haven’t seen.
Fiona: Who would you take there?
Keezire: My target for now is to bring 10 people that have never been to Uganda. But that one special place in Uganda for that one special person I am yet to find both. Though there is a place I saw in Munyonyo that I am hunting down. It might have been someone’s residence. It looked like paradise with bamboo and a small lake. I don’t know if it was manmade.
Fiona: Kittens or puppies?
Keezire: Kittens. Only because I have lived with them before and they are so cute. Not lived with puppies yet. Maybe if I did I would have a change of heart.
Fiona: What is it about travel?
Keezire: To live is to travel. To see, to experience, to explore both yourself and those around you. I feel most alive when I am traveling. You meet people and see things that will blow your mind.
Fiona: If your life were a song, what would it be called?
Keezire: I lived – One Republic.

Keezire: Did you do a big chop?
Fiona: Yes. I cut it all off. For a number of reasons. For one, with all the hair out of the way, it made treating my hair loss issues much easier.
Keezire: Are there products you believe work for all hair?
Fiona: Sure. Oils. The types of oil may vary but all hair needs one type of oil or another. Relaxed hair, for example requires lighter oils aimed more at the scalp than hair strands. Natural hair needs (as a bunch of different oils for both hair strands and scalp for sealing in moisture and such.
Keezire: Do you consider natural hair a movement?
Fiona: In a way, yes. Our hair is an external expression of our appreciation of our identity. It’s an unapologetic statement of our blackness. It’s us saying the way we are is beautiful and we’re proud of it.
Keezire: Would you go bald if no? Why?
Fiona: Nope. If it weren’t for my circumstances, I would’ve never gone bald to begin with. Honestly, I just love my hair too much and enjoy switching things up so I’d get very bored with baldness very fast.
Keezire: What is your favourite hair style for travel?
Fiona: A good old twist out. I’ve only ever traveled for a week and under at a time with my natural hair and a twist out, for that kind of time frame, just works. It’s basically a little moisturising, throwing on a bonnet for bed and fluffing with my fingers in the morning. Easy peasy.

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