Hello guys, it is another post featuring some amazing blogger babes. If you’re new here, I talk about this new series here. I think it’s cool when we share platforms and root for each other in life. There’s room for all of us at the table and this is my little way of showing off these people because you guys know, when I find good things and people, I let you in. I hope you will enjoy these mini interviews.

We have Patsy and Fay. Guys, if you haven’t been to their sites then I don’t know why you’re still here. Please go look at these sites and get to know good things. Thank me later.

Patsy has the best podcast recommendations, In fact she got me on this podcast she posted on her instagram stories called ‘Great women of business‘ and I am grateful.

Fay is no stranger to this blog, heh? You know her site well, you know she has a book in the works, you know her awesome tshies, ‘travel is my therapy’ like this girl is a bawss (Shout out to Lilly Singh).

Patsy & Fay

Fay: How did you come up with the incredibly unique concept, hair meets art?

Patsy: Hair and art are two very passionate things that my heart beats for. Hair and art are diverse; The diversity is if the length of the standard gauge railway (SGR) and that’s why it truly captivates me. I also like how flexible the concept gets. It is an adventure I am willing to get lost in (see what I did there).

Fay: Where do you believe your creativity stems from and what inspires you?

Patsy: The major one is my passion and to an extent moving to Nairobi has also played a role. My confidence is the size of Africa. But God is the one who has been such a Gentleman; opening all these doors and I guess that’s why I keep spilling these creative juices.I draw my inspiration from the experiences I have lived through as well as those of people close to me.

Fay: What has been your biggest life regret and what did you learn from it?

Patsy: Fear of failure continues to show up and is my daily struggle. It has cost me a great deal of proposal approvals and working with brands that I look up to.

Fay: How has blogging changed you/ impacted your life?

Patsy: Positively, it has made me grow in terms of consistency and grit as well. My planning game has improved as I plan prior to my weekly Sunday posts. I have also got an opportunity to grow in relationships with other bloggers and content creators some of whom we are very good friends.

Fay: I’ve seen podcast reviews on your blog. Would you ever start your own podcast?

Patsy: Yes, most definitely, it is something on my 30 things to do before I turn 30.

Patsy: I have stayed on your little corner long enough to know why and how you started. I am curious though, have you ever fallen in love while on the road? Can we have a sneak peek of that story!

Fay: Haha! I see you’re jumping right into a sneaky one. Yes, I have actually fallen in love on the road. Many times in fact. I’ve fallen in love with Uganda and her immense beauty and charm. I’ve been mesmerized and swayed by her understated elegance and simplicity. I’ve fallen in love with her mountains, her rivers, her lakes, her forests, her animals, her skies and her air. Many times over.

I’ve fallen in love with other countries too but I’ve discovered that Uganda is my one true love. Also, through my travels and my love affair with Uganda, time and time again, I have fallen in love with myself.

(See what I did there?)

Patsy: Would you ever consider travel blogging as a full-time job?

Fay: Yes I would, but not as my sole income source. My dream is to one day be location independent or a digital nomad, as some call it. I’d love to be able to travel as much as I like and work at the same time through freelance projects. This dream is starting to look like a soon-to-be reality and I thank God.

Patsy: How do you manage to maintain your hair regimen based on your traveling lifestyle?

Fay: Ohh this is a great question! I’ll admit, I’ve been lazy. When I first went natural (about 3 years ago), I spent so much time looking after and caring for my coily hair. Nowadays, I opt for protective styles most of the time because they are extremely low maintenance when travelling. I’ve been wearing various protective styles (braids, cornrows and crotchet hairstyles) for most of this year, so far. I plan to let it rest a little over the next few months, meaning I’ll be rocking my natural hair, without any extensions. I guess I better figure out a travel-friendly-natural-hair-regimen. Any tips? Anyone?

Patsy: Do you ever get burnt out by travel and work? If yes how do you get to handle it? If not, then how do you go about it?

Fay: I do. ALL THE TIME. Travel is extremely rewarding for me and my passion is to encourage more people to get out there and just do it, i.e. just travel, without over thinking it. In order for me to do more of what I’m passionate about (without burning out) I’ve decided to switch up my lifestyle and my work routine. I’m in the process of making some really scary, and yet really exciting, changes. I’ll be sharing more about this soon on my various platforms (blog and social media)…so stay tuned.

Patsy: Care to share any travel hacks that work for you that are unknown to us?
  • Be willing to step out of your comfort zone. If you don’t have enough money for a fancy hotel, then pitch a tent and camp. Always think options.
  • Travel is worth it. The experiences you have and the memories you will create through travel are priceless. Don’t always think money.
  • For big trips, never underestimate the power of planning ahead. Way ahead. Everything is more expensive last minute. Aside from saving, planning ahead can make the trip more exciting by giving you something to look forward to.

How cute are these names though? Patsy and Fay? Some people are out here being called…(never mind) but if you want to know about these boss babes, do check them out on their instagram accounts and blogs.

Patsy – @justified_ecstacy

Fay – @khukyenda


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