April Swoons



This song…Restart, Sam Smith has got me through the elliptical struggle this week. We aren’t even kidding about summer body 2016! Legs are coming out and they are coming out strong. *fighting*

Any who…

For most of us who have no social life, Lemonade has been the most exciting thing to ever happen to us. I most definitely didn’t want to mention that in this post *face palm*.   This post isn’t about Bey, don’t boycott it. Moving on ever so swiftly…

Friends…April came and literally lasted a day. Yes? Is anyone physically exhausted? I feel so refreshed. To be honest, and I wrote this down in my pink book, ‘I am back in a good place, my heart is truly light. My soul has been awakened to what I can only describe as a tangible tranquility. Not everything is going well but I can sincerely say I am at peace.‘ We might as well sing kumbaya and pull out our hippie attire. Ha! I love it.

Okay, let’s get into this month’s obsessions, shall we?


book book1 book2 book3

I signed up for amazon prime just to get these books in two days, a decision I already regret (the amazon prime, I mean). Of course we all know that I love Chimamanda and I mentally slapped my hand for not owning ‘We Should All Be Feminists‘. It’s adapted from her TEDx talk which I thoroughly enjoyed by the way. I believe anyone who knows what’s good for them has probably watched it. I am not judging if you haven’t. *opposite day*

I screen shot ‘Daughters of Africa‘ by Margaret Busby in March but I had no idea that I would actually commit to the purchase. Side note: How awesome is being African? (I wish this could be done on radio. Either way, shout out to my Candy.)

I have never read ‘Things Fall Apart‘ Chinua Achebe. I am ashamed as I’ve tweeted about how much I love African literature. How have I never read that book? *smh* I know when I’m done reading it I won’t shut up. You know those people who you tell to watch a certain series, and when they finally do, they tell the entire world about the series as if it had been them that had made the first discovery? David Livingstone and I.

Shire Warsan…need I say more? Just go get yourself a copy of her poetry book ‘Teaching my Mother How To Give Birth‘. You’re welcome.


The SMA Girl is a weekly feature on Style Me Africa that follows the life of a Lagos based fashionista on a quest to find true love, happiness and success. My friend Nicolette and I are hooked. All I’m saying is you’ll probably read her posts in one go, and you will be left anxious for more. I didn’t want to do this to any of you but I don’t like to suffer alone. Enjoy the wait. muhahaha

sma girl








My favourite thing at the moment is this handbag. I won’t kill you softly with the story behind my long search for a round cross body bag. Short story…I found my missing piece.








Instagram page….@Imigani also check out their awesome blog.








Thinking of this gorgeous gorgeous girl my Chubz.












  1. Sincerely everyone needs to watch that Tedtalk we should all be feminists, I think I shed a tear. Heading over to the SMA blog hope it’s as awesome as you say it is.

    1. I just got the book, it’s tiny but I will read it from cover to cover. Glad you liked SMA girl. Thanks for reading.

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