A German Christmas

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I was lucky enough to experience a German christmas last year in a town called Koblenzand Frankfurt am Main and I enjoyed every minute of it. It was curious (to say the least) to find myself in a situation where I was completely and utterly illiterate. I could have been sold into slavery while smiling and saying schön, schön (the extent of my German vocabulary).

Let’s face it, Germans excel at Christmas. It’s not a competition, but if it were, we would all be failing miserably in comparison. According to my jajja (grandfather), Christmas trees and flowers are originally a German tradition that we appropriated. Their Christmas markets and cakes are the truth. I’m a believer!

The Rhine is very robust in comparison to most rivers I’ve seen, except the Nile of course (Uganda, oyee). In terms of their cuisine, ein Schnitzel sounds more exciting than it looks or tastes but there is no doubt about it, German beers are the best. I also liked the Schweinshaxe (pork knuckle) but it’s so filling that I think it should be eaten over the course of three days, not one meal.

Unfortunately, snow continues to be illusive in my life. I remember rushing from work on the 23rd to go buy some decent winter boots because I thought for sure that I would see some snow in Germany. But as my jajja told my dad on the phone, “Unfortunately, we cannot offer Emily any snow this year.” I’m definitely going to Eastern Europe before this winter ends in hot, or if we’re being accurate, cold pursuit. La lucha continua.


I hope you all had an excellent christmas and I wish you all a great 2016.

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