7 Ways To Build A Fresh And Exciting Relationship

It is easy to get super comfortable in a relationship once you secure the woman or man. No more sweet texts, no random kisses, and a closet filled with dreadfully comfy unsexy pajamas. While the goal is to be comfortable around our partners, we shouldn’t let ourselves go and stop trying. There’s no need to walk around with unbrushed teeth. YUCK. I have never and will never understand couples who leave toilet doors open while doing their toilet business to talk to each other. That is pure indiscipline. Can’t the conversation wait? I suspect those are the same people who text while driving. IT. CAN. WAIT.

All relationships do have their ups and downs, it’s inevitable. The best way to sustain the connection between couples is to express to each other your love through romantic, thoughtful gestures.

Here are some tips to keep your relationship fresh and exciting.

1. Surprise your significant other with little cute notes. Write a cute love note and tuck it into their wallets or pockets. Secretly leaving a love note will energize them later in the day. Brighten up your partner’s day and be the reason they stay smiling throughout the day.

2. Surprises are not only reserved for birthdays and anniversaries. Here’s a little tip, if you get into the habit of random surprises, you won’t have to break your back for anniversaries. Court your partner even after it’s official. Keep that charm turned on. Surprise them with flowers, send them lunch, show up for only a hug. It might seem a lot but it isn’t. You can’t have an enviable relationship if there’s no intentionality.

3. Schedule weekly dates. I can’t emphasize this enough. Dates do not always have to be expensive, explore your creativity. It can be as simple as coloring to going to your favorite restaurant. Even if you’re just eating takeout food at home, improve the atmosphere with some candles. In the early stages of your relationship, you looked forward to dressing up for a date with your partner. Recreate that feeling of anticipation.

4. Communicate. There’s no such thing as over communication. Do not for one second think your partner is a mind reader. Talk about your day with intentionality. “How are you?” “I am okay”, won’t cut it. Learn to dig deeper. If you’re upset talk about why you’re upset. Do not sweep things under the rug. Communication creates stronger bonds, and a deeper understanding between couples.

5. Spend time by yourself. While your partner is part of your life, you need time on your own to do the things you enjoy. You need time to rest, and to build yourself up. You should be able to allow each other to grow as individuals and to grow as a couple.

6. Flirt, flirt and flirt some more. This is also a confidence booster.

7. Praying together is very intimate. Couples often share their worries, dreams and plans, and this creates trust. The Bible App has several plans you can study with your partner. Being able to trust your partner creates emotional security and peace of mind. With a mind and heart that’s at ease, there’s more joy in your relationship.

When you wake up every morning, make a choice to love your partner. Do not take each other for granted.


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