Is sleeping considered a hobby? Because that’s something I love to do. If you’ve been here long enough, you know how often I talk about sleep. Sleep is so essential guys and this is why I think this post is long over due! We’ve grown up together on this blog therefore it is safe to assume that most of us are in our own homes, or rooms with a somewhat steady job of some sorts. We are still confused about life but not as confused as we were in our teens. Yes? Let me help you have one less thing to be confused about. That thing is your sleep routine and how it can be made better.

Maybe you struggle with anxiety, stress, insomnia and instagram addiction and therefore you find it hard getting a solid 7/8 hours of sleep at night, loss of sleep can affect your ability to think, reason, and solve problems. According to, a loss of sleep can age your skin, cause weight gain and put you in a terrible mood and of course no one wants to deal with such issues that can be helped.  Therefore, if you’re having a hard time getting great sleep, I hope you will find a little tip in here that can help you stabilize your sleep routine.

Tips to help you sleep better.

1. What’s on your bed?

When it comes to your beddings, compromise should never be an option if you can help it. I walked into a home store on an extremely tight budget and bought two pairs of white sheets and it’s been one of the worst purchases of my life. The bedsheets were incredibly rough and just not worth it. As my mother says, ‘cheap things will cost you’ and it indeed cost me.

I was gifted sheets as a wedding gift and just one touch I could feel my body relax. I found the owner of these beautiful sheets and added some more to my collection. I am out with the terrible rough sheets and in with the new soft sheets. Guess what? I have been able to get you guys a 20% discount on these sheets. When I find good things I want to let anyone with ears know. Use Code Evelyn and contact Sheba on +256-772-183-683 to get your discount.

Duvet cover – UGX 220,000 – you pay UGX 200,000

Bedsheets – UGX 240,000 – you pay UGX 230,000

2. Try burning essential oils

Essential oils are great because the scents are most often pure and if you suffer from anxiety, these oils help soothe and create a calm environment. I find that lavender in general helps to reduce anxiety and increase quality of sleep. From lavender shower gels to lavender essential oils, to lavender potpourri all these can help reduce anxiety levels.

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You can find lavender essential oils and soapstone oil burners (for the oil) at Eve & Nico beauty Stores in Kampala.

Ps. You can use lavender sleep sachets under your pillow or this works: sleep pillow spray.

pic via: this works

3. Don’t eat heavy meals late in the evening

Consuming large meals before bed can lead to poor sleep habits but light quality snacks are advised. Yes, we all love french fries but this should never be your late night snack. I think we can find lots of articles on this topic citing that heavy meals are a no go before your bed time.

Women’ writes that, ‘the perfect sleep-inducing meal contains lean protein and complex carbohydrates. The combo has been shown to stimulate calming neurotransmitters that help you doze off. Simultaneously, you’ll want to avoid anything high in saturated fat, because your digestive system will work overtime to break down these foods, keeping you up later.’

4. A nice cup of herbal tea (no caffeine) 

Is there anything that tea cannot solve? Tea helps your body to naturally relax and sort of set the mood to unwind and get ready for bed. You sleep quality is significantly worsened by caffeine especially if you drink large amounts of drinks containing caffeine in the late afternoon or evening.

pic via: Times of India

These teas are recommended for that evening wind down zone. Peppermint, chamomile, valerian, lavender, and lemon tea.

5. Put your technology to rest

A dear friend of mine suffers from severe insomnia and her doctor asked her to get off her phone (workaholic) two hours before bedtime. I didn’t think this would be helpful but indeed she’s seen progress. From three hours a night to four hours.

Instagram and twitter etc are addictive and most people find themselves bored in bed therefore they pull out the phones. Resist the urge. Don’t switch the television on, if anything don’t install a TV in your bedroom keep that option for hotels. Instead, read a book before your bed time, listen to a podcast, if you have a partner have a conversation, just try to find ways to calm your mind down before bedtime. You’ll wake up feeling lively because of the little positive things you do before going to bed.

That’s it for October, thank you all for doing this month with us on the blog and thank you for subscribing. 🙂 May God bless you.




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