I am not sure what to call this phase of my life. As I left off with the readers of this blog, I was leaving my job during the pandemic and I was engulfed with the empowerment of that choice. Leaving is a decision I do not regret at all because that workplace was causing me more misery than I need in my life, but I also did not anticipate this emptiness.

Trying to get your life together is not easy at any time but it’s safe to say it is particularly hard in 2020. Finding a new job opportunity is proving impossible right now as globally more people are losing jobs than getting them. The anxiety of that is a constant in my thoughts which has led me to be more withdrawn from friends and loved ones in multiple ways. I am at that age where I know that everyone has things they are dealing with so I have unilaterally decided that reaching out to them to talk through my own issues is just placing unnecessary burden on them.

This of course is not true in the dynamics of friendship but leaning into that irrationality has led me to explore coping methods involving just me.
Professional therapy would obviously be the best option but it is not always affordable, including to me at the moment.

So my coping methods these last few months have included:

1. Journaling: In a pretty notebook, I write down my hopes, my wishes, my dreams and any thought in my head that needs to just get out. I have read up on manifesting and writing exactly what you desire and there is evidence to prove it working for some people so I have chosen to believe that it is going to work for me as well.

2. Reading: I have never been the biggest fan of self help books but I do love a hot mess biography. Comedic tellings of people getting over adversity speak so well to me and remind me to look for the funny moments in this tough chapter of my own life that would be great comedic relief in the Story of Me. Here is a list that includes some of my favorites

3. Podcasts: I often thank the universe for placing me in the same time frame as Podcasting. My phone is literally now my mental health advocate. Every time I feel overwhelmed with anxiety and frustration, I search for a positive mental health podcast, switch off my data so that I don’t get distracted and for an hour or so, I sit in silence and just listen, learn and reflect and it always pulls me out of the darkness. Here is a list for some such podcasts.

4. Acceptance: This is not the greatest time for me but it WILL get better. The world economy will upturn, my professional background will open doors for me, I will find stability physically and emotionally. Every morning I say out loud to myself that this is just a phase and even though I have no clue how and when it will end, it WILL end.

So for disclaimer, our loved ones are in our lives for a reason and please reach out to them as often as you feel you need to while you are going through difficult times.
But without involving anyone else, how do you cope with adversity?

  1. I too can relate. Writing down my thoughts and listening to podcasts have helped me a lot.

    It’s impressive that you’ve shared this. Thank you

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