Three Resolutions

Guys waiting for the New Year was one exercise in patience. I had the most FOMO seeing our friends get into 2018 way ahead of us. To tell the details of ‘the wait’ would lead you to a deep sleep­­­­­– suffice to say, we went to bed before midnight. It’s official I’m going to drag grandma me all the way into the new year.

Like many normal (I use this word lightly) people, I made a list of achievable goals. I always start out with so much excitement and then halfway, my excitement tire loses air.

Here are three (long list, huh?) things I am determined to do this year, and to do them excellently.

  • Gratitude Journal; Last year I started out well and only made it to March.*Face palm* I gave up writing daily, I think my wrists were just not up to it. BUT thank God for those geniuses who create apps. This one blogger mentioned something about a gratitude app and a lightbulb went on in my head. Friends, I am happy to report that I indeed downloaded the ‘Grateful app’ and last night at 12:00am something while I was snuggled so deep in my covers (you know when you find the position and then suddenly everything you were meant to do before sleeping comes back to you? Yeah, that was me) I woke up and quickly jotted down what I was grateful for. Guys, we are going to wake up and make our goals happen by force by fire.
  • Gym; I haven’t seen the inside of a gym in a year. I missed work-out Evelyn but I was just so comfortable fitting into small clothes. But the devil is a liar and we don’t want heart attacks and bodies that won’t bounce back after 9 children. This morning, my alarm went off, I switched it off and went back to bed. I am my most realest in the morning. I don’t pretend to set snooze because I know that I am weak and I can’t be giving my alarm clock such false hope. It is simply a cruel act. BUT I conquered and made it to my 9am Zumba class where there was a lot of waist and bum movements. I left that class feeling like a coke bottle or whatever sexy non living thing that’s currently trending.

Ps. It helps to have people going to the gym with you or getting an accountability partner because it is shameful not to see things through.

  • Say no to brunch; Guys, when is the economy going to be friendly? I am a lover of eating out. I honestly didn’t think I would have pans in my house but times have changed. This year, I want to do better and eat out less to save some money. I am going to be that person who asks, ‘what is brunch? Is it a new phone?’  I am not going to sleep in a tent. Yes, there was a study about millennials not owning houses because they are always brunching. I can’t sleep in a tent, therefore something has to give. Good bye brunch, and hello pans.

What achievable goals have you set for yourself? I wish you all the best of luck in achieving them I am rooting for you and I pray to our God that you will have a wonderful, beautiful year filled with success, love and laughter.


  1. I have that app- gratitude journal! Somehow writing it down in a book makes it even better though. The reading it part. Your handwriting has its own tales 🙂 try both!!

    1. I tried the writing in book and completely failed. but you’re not wrong, old school always feels more personal because of contact.

  2. I love your writing!! ?? That brunching is an issue for me too. So 2018 for sure is less brunch plans so help me God… lol

  3. Thanks Evelyn! I love your resolutions. My top three (in a nutshell) are :
    1. Share more
    2. Inspire more
    3. Love more
    I know they sound (a bit?) vague, I should probably jot down a blog post on that note and break it down….hmmm…(wonders which inspiring cover image to use).

    Happy New Year and stay blessed. Xx

    1. Ah, and I will be there to read them. I was on your youtube channel yesterday. 🙂 Also you’re very inspiring so it’s not a bit vague. We see you living your best life courageously may I add, and it makes me want to take more jumps.

  4. I am sold on the gratitude app!!! Balling tears about the alarm clock ⏰ coz I can relate and sleeping in tents!What is brunch indeed!??? So shall we get you some Martha Stuart ?

    1. I think we are ready to be Martha. The only other option for our bed struggle is to set fire to them. But let’s hold the faith that one day we shall concur the love for sleep.

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